Prefilters & Bioburden Control

Prefilter & Bioburden Control

Prefilters are a cost-effective, proven technology used throughout bioprocessing, providing flexibility for biopharma manufacturers by removing particulate impurities. They increase the capacity of high-performance sterilizing filters and protect costly chromatography columns. Our membrane-based prefilters can be used on a stand-alone basis for bioburden reduction in non-critical operations. 

Our prefilters are available with different base media and a variety of membrane pore sizes. All are fully scalable from small-scale tools to pilot and production scale manufacturing. Most are offered as cartridge filters as well as disposable filters (single-use capsules). These industry-leading products and services are supported by decades of technical expertise, so you can be confident of success.  

Milligard® PES filters contain polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, are available in multiple pore sizes, and provide fast flow, high throughput, reliable particle removal and bioburden reduction claims. These filters are available in formats that can be sterilized by gamma-irradiation.

Milligard® filters are constructed from mixed esters of cellulose on a polyester web and are available in multiple pore sizes. These provide high particle capacity and retention upstream of sterile filters.

PolySep™ II filters are mixed media filters that combine the high capacity of a depth filter and retention efficiency of a membrane in a single device, making them ideal for removing particles from plugging, viscous, and challenging streams.

Durapore® 0.45 µm filters contain a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane that provides particulate removal and bioburden reduction. These filters are also available with an integrated 0.5 µm prefilter.

Regulatory Compliance

Milligard® PES filters are supported by the Emprove® Program which consolidates comprehensive product-specific testing data, quality statements, and regulatory information in a readily available format to simplify your compliance needs.

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