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Luedtke Group – Professor Product Portal
Metabolic incorporation of a bioorthogonal functional group (e.g. alkyne, azide, alkene, etc.) into cellular DNA can be achieved by simply adding a synthetic nucleoside to the nutritional media of cells or whole animals.
Evano Group – Professor Product Portal
Research in the Evano group focuses on three areas: natural product synthesis, copper catalysis, and the chemistry of hetero-substituted alkynes. In particular, they developed a set of efficient and robust procedures, mostly based on copper catalysis, for the synthesis of
Boger Group – Professor Product Portal
As the exploration of the properties of complex natural products becomes increasingly more sophisticated with the technological advances being made in their screening and evaluation and as structural details of their interaction with biological targets becomes more accessible, the importance
Cravatt Group – Professor Product Portal
The aim of the Cravatt research group is to understand the roles that mammalian enzymes play in physiological and pathological processes and to use this knowledge to identify novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of human disease. To achieve these
Frost Group – Professor Product Portal
The Frost group has a longstanding interest in aqueous phase organometallic chemistry with an emphasis on water-soluble phosphine ligands. One focus of this research group has been centered on the chemistry of the neutral, air stable, and water-soluble heterocyclic phosphine
Echavarren Group – Professor Product Portal
The research of the Echavarren group centers on the development of new reactions based on the use of electrophilic complexes of Au(I), Pt(II), and other transition metals as catalysts and their applications in organic synthesis of complex, biologically active molecules. The
Enterobacteriaceae in Food
General guidance for the detection and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae in food according to EN-ISO 8523:1991 and EN-ISO 4832:1991, respectively.
Primary Human Preadipocytes and Preadipocyte/Adipocyte Growth & Differentiation Media
Primary human white preadipocytes and culture media for the expansion of undifferentiated preadipocytes, differentiation to adipocytes, and cultivation of mature adipocytes. Protocols for handling, cell passaging, media, and product use.
Angiogenesis Assays
Cell based angiogenesis assays to analyze new blood vessel formation for applications of cancer research, tissue regeneration and vascular biology.
Oligonucleotide Quality Control by Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry is the technology of choice for analyzing oligonucleotide synthesis. It enables the most sensitive detection of low levels of by-products, which can affect performance.
PromoCell® Primary Cell Pellets
Primary cells from PromoCell are available in pelleted form for research applications like gene expression analysis, and cell/protein characterization experiments.
Automated IgG Purification Using PureProteom
PureProteome™ Protein A and G Magnetic beads provide a rapid and reproducible means to purify immunoglobulins (IgG) using the KingFisher Duo particle processor.
Converting from Flow Velocity to Volumetric Flow Rates
This page shows how to convert between flow velocity and volumetric flow rate in affinity chromatography of antibodies.
Detect, Visualize and Quantify Single Post-Translational Modifications
Sigma-Aldrich presents a Biofiles on Detect, Visualize and Quantify Single Post-Translational Modifications
Anti-FLAG® M2 Magnetic Beads
Comparison of elution techniques for small-scale protein purification of FLAG® tag proteins using anti-FLAG® M2 magnetic beads.
Measuring Flows For Gas Chromatography Volumetric vs. Mass
Measuring Flows For Gas Chromatography Volumetric vs. Mass
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Mass Spectrometry
What is Mass Spectrometry or MS? What is it used for and how does it work? Read this detailed article with diagrams and example graphs to understand how to use mass spec in your research.
Catalysts for Carbonylation
Professor Geoffrey Coates and co-workers at Cornell University have reported the preparation and use of catalysts composed of an oxophilic Lewis acid and a cobalt tetracarbonyl anion for the ring expansive carbonylation of epoxides to b-lactones and b-lactones to succinic
Alternative High-Yield Cell Culture Systems
Solutions for high-yield cell culture scale-up applications including multi-layered flasks (HyperFlasks/CellStacks), roller bottles, spinner and shaker flasks. Free ECACC handbook download.
Virus Cultivation
Cell lines for vaccine production and cultivation of SARS CoV-2 and other viruses. Primary, human diploid, and continuous culture cell lines for the propagation of viruses and virus-based vaccines.
Determination of Water Content in 2-Propanol, isopropyl alcohol Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in 2-Propanol, isopropyl alcohol
Analytical Method: Iodine in table salt
Analytical Method: Iodine in table salt
Affinity Purification with Ultrafree®-MC Centrifugal Filters
Affinity interaction chromatography is an effective method for protein purification that can achieve up to 95% purity in one step
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Next Generation Cell Free Protein Expression Kit (Wheat Germ) (CFPS700) PROTOCOL
Next Generation Cell Free Protein Expression Kit (Wheat Germ) (CFPS700) PROTOCOL
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Anti-HA Affinity Matrix Protocol & Troubleshooting
Anti-HA Affinity Matrix Protocol & Troubleshooting
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