Viral Vector Formulation, Final Filtration and Filling

Formulation graphic representing downstream gene therapy processing

Formulation, final filtration, and filling are the last steps in viral vector production. A rational formulation design developed by optimizing solution conditions and high-quality excipients can significantly increase viral vector stability and shelf-life. Our wide range of high-quality buffers, salts and stabilizers, low in bioburden and endotoxins, are specifically developed for high-risk applications and can ensure successful downstream processing and formulation of your final gene therapy product.

Designing a successful single-use sterile filtration system should focus on maximizing the recovery of these high-value therapies and consider different filter options, process requirements, sampling needs, and if pre-use post-sterilization integrity testing (PUPSIT) will be performed.

Our Mobius® single-use assemblies offer you flexibility and our specialists can help you design a custom assembly from our broad portfolio of filters and single-use components. These systems are scalable and can be easily replicated to meet your evolving needs.

Supported by our Emprove® program, our excipients, filters and single-use components have extensive documentation, minimizing regulatory and quality-associated risks in your manufacturing. All this simplifies the complexity of your supplier qualification and speeds up processes, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

  • A broad excipient portfolio, manufactured according to the IPES PQG GMP guidelines
  • Sterilizing-grade filters for viral vector purification
  • Mobius® single-use assemblies for viral vector purification
  • Validation services to confirm your single-use filtration system is suitable for processing

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Gene Therapy Manufacturing

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Making the right upstream process decisions not only impacts viral vector titer, but downstream processes, timelines, and regulatory acceptance

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Critical biosafety testing and characterization of viral vector products can help to fully analyze key quality attributes: identity, potency, safety, and stability

A purple outline of a magnifying glass zooming in on a circuit-like pattern, symbolizing analysis or inspection of technology.

CDMO partnerships play a critical role in advancing clinical pipelines and achieving successful commercialization

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