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The Environmental Impact of Lab Water Purification

Water purification in laboratories is a resource-intensive process as water systems require water, electricity and consumables to make them run. In fact, we’ve calculated that about 80% of the Global Warming Potential of a lab water purification system occurs during system use.*

Milli-Q®Water Purification Systems for More Sustainable Science

To reduce the environmental impact of water purification in the lab, our engineers and product developers are actively working to make Milli-Q® water systems and processes more sustainable. Today, our eco-friendly purification technologies and innovative system designs can reduce your lab’s environmental footprint by:

*Life cycle assessment performed according to ISO 14040 on an Elix® 100 water purification system.

Create a Greener Lab with a More Sustainable Water System

Here are just some of the ways that Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions can make your every day a more sustainable day: 

Water drop icon representing sustainability through water savings

Water Savings

Up to 50% water savings. E.R.A.® technology optimizes water recovery, reducing water use by up to 50% vs. our previous generation of reverse osmosis systems.

    Lightbulb icon representing sustainability through energy savings

    Up to 35% energy savings. Milli-Q® IQ, IX and EQ systems save up to 2000 kWh over the product lifecycle vs. previous generation systems.

      Hg-free icon representing sustainability through no mercury use

      Zero Mercury. Our unique ech2o® UV lamps eliminate mercury handling and associated regulated disposal management. Available in Milli-Q® IQ and IX systems.

        Trashcan icon representing sustainability through reduced waste

        Reduced chemical waste. Elix® EDI technology eliminates the need for hazardous chemical regeneration procedures and associated waste. You’ll also avoid the need for conditioning cartridges and replacement resins.

        Reduced plastic use. Our newest benchtop systems are more compact and lighter vs. previous generation systems.

          Eco-friendly packaging icon

          As part our SMASH Packaging Plan, Milli-Q® IQ, IX and EQ systems and PODs are now being shipped in more sustainable packaging solutions.

            Digital connectivity icon representing sustainability through digital services

            MyMilli-Q™ digital services makes it possible to effectively manage your water system and its data without ever needing to print.

              MyMilli-Q™ digital services icon

              MyMilli-Q™ Remote Care supports online diagnostics and can allow for remote repairs, avoiding the need for a service visit.

                Icon for Greener Alternative Products

                Discover Our Greener Alternative Products

                As part of our Design for Sustainability (DfS) approach to product development, the most recent generation of Milli-Q® systems were developed to have a reduced environmental impact in key areas such as energy, waste and water.

                As a result of these efforts, Milli-Q® IQ 7000, IQ 7003, IQ 7005, IQ 7010, IQ 7015, IX 7003, IX 7005, IX 7010 and IX 7015 systems are officially labeled Greener Alternative Products thanks to these sustainability characteristics:

                • Consume less electricity over their lifetime
                • Consume less water over their lifetime
                • Use less plastic
                • Eliminate mercury handling

                We invite you to look for the Greener Alternative Product icon and review each system’s DfS Scorecard (by following the links above) to support you in making more eco-friendly purchasing decisions.

                Related Products

                Milli-Q IQ 7003/05/10/15 systems awarded Sustainable Lab Product of 2022

                Scientists’ Choice Award for Sustainable Lab Product of the Year 

                Scientists worldwide have recognized the Milli-Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15 water purification system as having made an impact on laboratory sustainability. This innovative system was voted as SelectScience®’s Sustainable Product of the Year in the 2022 Scientists' Choice Awards sustainable product design category.

                The Milli-Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15 system helps researchers eliminate toxic substances, save energy, and reduce waste including a more compact design compared to our previous generation of systems. It is the first and only mercury-free tap-to-ultrapure water system with built-in ech2o® UV lamps for the photooxidation of organic contaminants and inactivation of bacteria.

                Find Support in Creating a Greener Lab

                Contact us to discuss how we can support your lab to advance towards greater sustainability and to learn more about our environmentally friendly water purification solutions. Visit our Corporate Responsibility page to learn more about our programs for more sustainable science. Download our brochure Sustainability and Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions for more information on we can support your lab’s sustainability goals. 

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