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Laborama Expo 2022

The Lab of the Future. Today.

May 19 - 20, 2022, Brussels, Belgium

We are a vibrant science and technology company with curious minds dedicated to human progress. We are helping to build the future with scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship that are key to technological advances that benefit us all.

Live at Laborama Expo 2022, you can explore the advanced technology that is bringing a bright future of efficient, digitally-connected, sustainable, and intelligent analytical lab systems to the present. Speak with our experts about your lab challenges and explore advanced solutions with our latest innovations:

Don’t miss our seminar on the key to digitally transforming your lab!

Unlock your lab’s full potential with a digital key

  • Digital transformation is key to meeting your laboratory challenges—inventory inefficiencies, productivity, traceability of consumable data, and safe handling of materials—head-on.
  • Smart solutions can cut down the time you spend on mundane admin tasks and increase your overall productivity.
  • Roja Azees, Senior Product Manager at Merck Connected Lab, explains how a digital inventory management system can help.

Speaker: Roja Azees, Senior Product Manager, Life Science | Digital Connected Lab, Merck

Thursday 19 May at 11.15 AM in Congress area - Hall 1 Register Here

Can’t wait for Laborama Expo 2022 to discover innovative solutions for your work?

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Venue: Brussels Expo

Hall 1 - Place de Belgique 1
Brussels, 1020