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The Secret to ELISA-Based Diagnostic Test Success: Know Your Antibody


What Does it Cover?

In this brief presentation, we will provide you with an introduction to selecting proper antibodies for use in ELISA-based diagnostic tests. We will also present an overview of our antibody portfolio, and production capabilities and processes.

We will discuss key considerations for IVD manufacturers when selecting an antibody, including antibody design, performance in the desired application, freedom of use, and supplier reliability.

This information will be of interest to individuals involved in developing, manufacturing, and using ELISA based immunoassays.

What Will You Learn?

  • Antibody selection criteria
  • Production of polyclonal, monoclonal, and recombinant antibodies
  • Our comprehensive antibody portfolio

Who Should Attend?

  • Diagnostic test manufacturers
  • IVD test developers
  • Diagnostic test end users


Michael Moehlenbrock, Ph.D.

Michael Moehlenbrock, Ph.D.


Business Development Manager - Diagnostic Immunoassays

Michael Moehlenbrock Ph.D. is currently a Business Development Manager and specialist in diagnostic immunoassays for Merck. Before this role, Michael held several roles in product management including head of product management for Merck Research Antibodies portfolio. Michael has his Ph.D., and Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from St. Louis University where his interdisciplinary research areas of focus included microfluidic analytical chemistry, enzymatic biosensors and biofuels cells, enzymology, and metabolic substrate channeling, and materials chemistry

Christina De Wit

Christina De Wit

Cell Marque Corporation

R&D Manager, Tissue Diagnostics

Christina is a Senior R&D Manager at Cell Marque Corporation, part of Merck Applied Solutions division. She has more than two decades of experience in the U.S. biotechnology sector (pharma, clinical diagnostics, and industrial enzymes). Her responsibilities include providing R&D expertise and guidance in Design and Development for IVD Clinical diagnostics as well as leading Innovation projects for Diagnostics Solutions.

Christina has a degree in Molecular Biology from U.C. Berkeley, completing her Honors thesis with 2013 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Randy Schekman. She recently received a Masters in Business Administration degree from Sacramento State.

Matthew Coussens

Matthew Coussens


Ph.D., Product Training Manager

Matthew is the global product training manager for hcompany Diagnostic and Regulated Materials Division.  For the last 12 years, he has created and run hands-on wet lab workshops, conferences, webinars, and internal training programs on a wide range of life science technologies.   He holds degrees from Michigan State University (Zoology, BSc.) and the University of Hawaii at Manoa (Cell and Molecular Biology, PhD).


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