Analytical Syringes

Autosampler syringe with a plunger fitted to a glass barrel used for liquid samples.

Choosing the right syringe is essential to ensure a tight and secure fit in the injection port, proper instrument operation, accurate injection volume, and long functional lifetime. Our brands offer syringes based on the relevance to the application, instrument compatibility, and personal preference. Choose from standard and high-quality Hamilton, SGE, and VICI® Precision Sampling analytical gas and liquid syringes. Syringe accessories and specialty syringes designed for unique applications are also available.    

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Hamilton Syringe Products

Hamilton syringes are available in two forms, Gastight and Microliter™, differing mainly in the plunger design. These chemically inert syringes feature a syringe body made of stainless steel, borosilicate type I glass, or PTFE. Gastight syringes with a precise, PTFE plunger tip ensure a leak-free seal for both liquid and gaseous samples. Microliter™ syringes with a stainless-steel plunger are hand-fitted to suitable glass barrel, creating a tight seal between them. These syringes are used for homogenous liquid samples that do not precipitate or bond with the glass.

SGE Syringe Products

SGE syringes are available for the GC and HPLC autosamplers, and GC and LC manual injection. SGE syringe options featuring plunger protection, guided plunger, and SuperfleX® Plunger helps preventing bending or kinking of the plunger. To differentiate among multiple syringe volumes, SGE has introduced color-coding to their chromatographic syringes for easy volume identification. Plunger-in-needle syringes are well-known for complete sample displacement with no carryover.

VICI (Valco) Syringe Product

We offer high-quality and reliable VICI Precision Sampling syringes from Valco for both liquid and gas samples. The in-built pressurization option allows for easy storage and transport volatile samples. Designed with fixed or removable needles, VICI syringes are leak-tight and suitable for small volumes.

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