Millipore® Sterile Filters

The image show a woman in a white lab coat, working with laboratory flask containing a red liquid, which is connected to another piece of equipment with blue liquid at the bottom.

Sterile filtration devices are used to clarify and prevent microbial contamination of cell culture media, cell culture reagents, buffers, biological samples, proteinaceous samples, and more. These devices provide an alternative to autoclaving, which can degrade sensitive, heat-labile biological components. We provide small to large volume Millipore® sterile filters for cell culture, preparation of reagents for long term storage, and other applications.    

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The image shows two medical inhalers. The one on the left is transparent with a white top, and the one on the right contains an orange medication canister with a white mouthpiece. Inhalers like these are typically used to deliver medication directly to the lungs for conditions such as asthma or COPD.

Steriflip® filters

Compatible with 50 mL centrifuge tubes, Steriflip® filters eliminate the liquid transfer step by integrating directly into the sample tube. To filter, attach the unit to the 50 mL centrifuge tube containing your sample, flip, and apply vacuum. The filtrate collects directly into the attached 50 mL tube. Three membranes are available:

  • Millipore® Express® polyethersulfone (PES) membranes are ideal for low protein binding and exhibit faster flow rates with viscous solutions
  • Durapore® PVDF membranes offer the lowest protein binding available and are ideal for scale-up applications
  • Nylon mesh membranes are best for large particle removal 

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The image shows a set of three transparent measuring beakers with colored liquids at different levels. Each beaker has blue and red labels, likely indicating measurements or branding.

Stericup® Quick Release Sterile Filters

When reliable sterile filtration of media and buffers is critical, laboratories around the world rely on Stericup® devices. A full range of filter membrane materials, pore sizes, and filtration volumes have made Stericup® filters the leader in filtration for cell culture and other applications where sterility is critical. The next-generation Stericup® Quick Release vacuum filtration devices feature ergonomic design innovations that enhance usability and streamline filtration, while safeguarding vital cell cultures with the dependable performance of Millipore® membranes.

  • Industry-leading membranes with an application-optimized selection of materials and pore sizes
  • Low protein-binding and low fluid retention minimize loss of critical proteins and reagents
  • Stem cell-tested Millipore Express® PLUS PES filters safeguard growth media

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The image shows three transparent bottles with Logo M, blue caps and labels, each varying in shape and size.

Stericup® E Eco-Friendly Sterile Filters

Our commitment to sustainability inspired us to design a filter device that helps labs to go green, without compromising sterility. Stericup® E and Steritop® E filters attach directly to commercial media bottles, eliminating the plastic filter funnel to reduce plastic waste up to 48%, with a corresponding significant reduction in packaging, transportation, and storage impacts.

  • Less disposable plastic
  • Reduced hazardous waste
  • More lab storage space 

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The image appears to be a medical or laboratory setup, featuring a syringe connected to a glass bottle with a stopper and an outlet. The syringe has measurement markings, and the glass bottle resembles a reagent bottle used for storing chemicals or solutions in scientific labs.

Sterivex™ filters

Filter-sterilize volumes up to 2,000 mL using Sterivex™ pressure-driven filter units. With three membrane options and a variety of outlet connections, Sterivex™ filters can fit nearly any workflow and dispense into nearly virtually any storage container. Sterivex™ filters work with peristaltic pumps, syringes, or pressure vessels to eliminate the risk of contamination from decanting or pipetting.

  • Works with diverse pressure devices including syringes, peristaltic pumps and pressure vessels
  • Available with multiple membrane types to accommodate varying application needs with capacities up to 2 L
    • 0.22 µm Millipore Express PES membrane for filter sterilization with fastest flow rates
    • 0.22 µm Durapore® PVDF membranes for sterilization of aqueous solutions with very low protein binding
    • 0.45 µm Durapore® PVDF membranes for clarification of aqueous solutions

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The image appears to be of a laboratory setup, specifically for a scientific experiment or chemical process. It features a round, flat-bottomed flask containing a red liquid, with a blue circular lid connected to tubing.

Stericap™ bottle-top filters

The Stericap™ Universal Bottle-Top Filter Device enables fast vacuum filtration into compatible bottles. Even viscous solutions filter efficiently with no clogging, so these filters are well-suited for serum-supplemented media.  Stericap™ filter devices are compatible with vacuum-rated bottles or other receptacles with an inner neck diameter of 20 to 67 mm, providing maximum versatility, capacity, and filtration rate.

  • Millipore Express® PLUS PES membrane for fastest flow rates and low protein binding
  • Fits any vacuum-rated bottle from 20 to 67 mm in diameter for maximum versatility
  • High volume capacity reduces preparation steps
  • Easy-flow control button means the filter can be easily transferred between bottles without stopping the vacuum
  • Free of pyrogenic and cytotoxic contaminants for healthy cell culture and critical downstream applications

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The image appears to be of a water filtration system, where a tube from the filter is directed into the opening of a clear plastic water bottle.

Steripak™ filter units

Steripak™ filter units are designed for larger-scale pressure-driven filtration of tissue culture media with or without serum supplement. These filters are designed for single use and are not autoclavable.  Steripak™ units are available in two maximum volumes to filter up to 10 L or 20 L of fluid. Both sizes are equipped with the low protein-binding, fast flow 0.22 µm pore Millipore Express® membranes. Units are supplied sterile and ready to connect to a pump or pressure vessel.

  • Millipore Express® PLUS PES membrane for fastest flow with low protein binding
  • Larger scale, pressure-driven filtration device for faster flow rates reduces the time needed for large-volume filtrations
  • 10 L and 20 L capacity sizes are optimized for maximum laboratory-scale filtration options
  • Manually operated top air vent to prevent air lock stop of flow
  • Filling bell for cleaner filling environment around the opening of the receptacle bottle

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