MultiScreen® Filter Plates

MultiScreen® plates with 96- and 384-well capacities are available in many configurations and a diverse set of housing materials to assure compatibility with varied media formulations and solvents. Solid bottom plates are available for chemiluminescent and fluorescent screening assays, sample preparation and storage, and ELISA including 8-well strip format. Filter plates are invaluable for sample preparation including cell separation for flow cytometry, ELISpot, cell migration, invasion and chemotaxis, enzyme and receptor ligand binding, solubility and permeability assays, including PAMPA. Plates are automation compatible and designed for use with DirectStack™ vacuum workflow to minimize sample cross-talk. Product customization is available including barcodes, membrane selection, and packaging.

MultiScreen® Filter Plates

MultiScreen® filter plates were designed to work productively with sensitive detection and imaging systems, providing dependable and robust sample handling and precision transfer. Plates with 96- and 384-well capacity are fabricated using a diverse range of housing materials to ensure compatibility with various sample types. MultiScreen® filtration plates are offered in a broad selection of membrane filters with both sterile and non-sterile options.​

  • Durapore® (PVDF) membranes: Low protein- and nucleic acid-binding membranes in 0.22 - 1.2 µm pore sizes for sample preparation, biochemical assays, and bead-based applications​
  • Immobilon®P (PVDF) membranes: High protein and nucleic acid-binding membranes available in 0.45 µm pore size for ELISpot including fluorescent ELISpot and DNA or protein binding assays​
  • Various other membranes are available including MCE (Nitrocellulose), PTFE, Polycarbonate, and more​​

MultiScreen®HTS Filter Plates

MultiScreen®HTS plates are specifically designed for high throughput use with automated workstations. Firm sidewalls improve handling, and ample surfaces are provided for barcode label placement. Individual wells are sealed to prevent crosstalk arising from incubation. The patented underdrain is removable to provide easy access to the filters. MultiScreen®HTS+ filter plates have a unique, nylon mesh backing for enhanced washing, reducing background and improving signal-to-noise ratios. Filter plates are available in 96-and 384-well formats, and are available in a broad selection of membranes and plastics.​ 

MultiScreen® Classic Filter Plates​

MultiScreen® Classic plates are specifically designed for assays requiring removal of the underdrain and access to membranes. Flexible plate base material can be removed by hand for low throughput assays. Individual wells are sealed to prevent crosstalk arising from incubation. Filter plates are available in 96-well format and are available in a broad selection of membranes and plastics.​

MultiScreen® Solvinert™ Filter Plates​

For sample preparation, protein precipitation with solvents, bead cleavage assays, and quantitative filtrate transfer for analysis, we recommend MultiScreen® Solvinert™ filter plates. These plates contain hydrophilic or hydrophobic PTFE membranes which ensure low extractables, low undesirable binding, and high analyte recovery. ​

MultiScreen® Mesh Filter Plates​

MultiScreen® MESH systems use a 96-well nylon mesh-bottom filter plate, and constitute a complete system for target screening and other critical applications by evaluating new compounds using multicellular organisms as the in vivo model. These systems are routinely used in pharmaceutical and agropharma discovery for assays measuring cytotoxicity, paralysis, and death. Plates are constructed of optically-clear plastic to facilitate imaging.​

MultiScreen®-MIC Filter Plates​ for Migration, Invasion and Chemotaxis​

The MultiScreen®-MIC filter plate provides a reliable, versatile platform for a range of cell-based screening assays including migration, invasion, chemotaxis, co-culture, angiogenesis, and transmigration. Plates and kits are available in a wide range of membrane pore sizes to accommodate assays with adherent or suspension cell lines and to support cell growth for transmigration and coculture assays. The plates are provided sterile to permit longer incubation times and enable assay setup and analysis in the same device.​

  • Use with adherent or suspension cells​
  • Broad assay compatibility​
  • High assay consistency with little interassay variability​
  • Polycarbonate membrane available in 3, 5 and 8 μm pore sizes​
  • Pre-assembled kits available​

MultiScreen® PCR Filter Plates

MultiScreen® PCR filter plates exploit size exclusion principles for purifying products of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) preparations, and plasmid preparations, as well sequencing reaction cleanup. These plates offer filters for fast, automatable, high-throughput PCR purification. Plates are provided in 96- and 384-well formats, including a micro-96-well format for purification of smaller volume PCR product samples.​

  • High purity and recovery​
  • Fast processing times​
  • >99.5% primer removal​
  • MultiScreen® PCR96 microwell filter plate recommended for small volumes (1 – 150 μL)

MultiScreen® Vacuum Manifolds and Accessories​

MultiScreen® vacuum manifolds use DirectStack™ technology to improve filter-based assay performance and reliability, enabling plate-on-plate stacking which eliminates gaps between flow directors and receiver wells in applications that require filtrate collection. A variety of accessories are available to optimize workflows for radioactivity, chromatography, and sample collection.

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