Caustic Alkalis & Bases

Colorless or white pellets of a caustic base sodium hydroxide/potassium hydroxide

Life Sciences—with its complex analyses, routine lab work, and production—demands unique and distinct solutions dictated by varied regulations.    

Thereby your search for products requires careful consideration of your application and target.  

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To ease your search, we offer caustic alkalis and bases from three different portfolio brands, dedicated to three distinct types of applications:

  • Supelco® products for analytical chemistry,
  • Sigma-Aldrich® materials for lab and production,
  • SAFC® products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing

Each brand offers a wide selection of bases and alkalis in a variety of volumes, different packaging materials, and necessary documents. You can search for the bases and alkalis as per the specific requirement of your application.


High purity bases for instrumental analytical methods

We offer a comprehensive range of LiChropur® high purity bases for HPLC and LC-MS analysis to minimize background noise and signal suppression. These bases are application-tested by our quality control to meet our customers’ expectations.

Suprapur® and Ultrapur® high-purity bases are designed to accommodate your needs for inorganic trace and ultra-trace analysis. Each one of our analytical reagents is manufactured to clear the guaranteed specifications. The large variety of modern analytical methods (ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS, etc.) allow tailored control and analysis procedures for each product.

Caustic alkalis and bases for classical analysis

Our comprehensive product range includes EMSURE® and EMPLURA® caustic alkalis and bases in various concentrations, quality grades, and packaging sizes.  It includes sodium and potassium hydroxide pellets and their corresponding solutions as well as ammonia solutions to meet your specific needs. With our caustics and bases in your analysis, you get the benefit of high-purity and batch-to-batch consistency ensuring reliable and reproducible analytical results.

We produce these chemicals in a dedicated plant at Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Germany, using high-quality raw materials, ultra-modern production technology, and a sophisticated quality management system. This enables us to offer you caustic alkalis and bases of outstanding and defined quality including pellets of uniform size and with extremely low values of impurities.

Caustics and bases for analysis EMSURE® are our premium grade products for all regulated and highly demanding lab applications, featuring the best and most extensive product specifications worldwide. Most of our "for analysis EMSURE®" caustic alkalis and bases meet or exceed the requirements of various international standards such as ACS, ISO, and/or Reag. Ph Eur. Our caustics and bases designated EMPLURA® are ideal for preparative lab applications and cleaning purposes. Their specifications include the most important parameters. And if you have special requests not covered by our standard products, we also offer individual analysis or packaging solutions.

Quality Salts for Research and Production

Our extensive range of Sigma-Aldrich® salts covers the most common grades within research and production, from reagent grade to our innovative Redi-Dri® anhydrous salts to 99.99%+ metals tested high purity salts. They are the high-quality and proven standard for quality buffers, chemical synthesis, separation, purification, extraction, and other research and production methods for everyday applications. Scalable from benchtop to bulk production materials, Sigma-Aldrich® provides reliable salts for your everyday needs.

Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical formulation and production products

In pharmaceutics, the regulatory world is everchanging. Keeping up with the latest requirements while not losing track of the market itself is definitely not an easy task to fulfill. And as the pressure caused by generics and biosimilars making their way into the market keeps rising, it becomes more and more important to focus on what really matters: quality and the right partner throughout your product journey.

We support you in every step of development, scale-up, and production with services that range from process optimization to regulatory affairs support. Our SAFC® portfolio of high-quality products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical formulation and production withstands strict quality control procedures and is produced according to applicable cGMP guidelines.

As part of our Emprove® Program, our raw materials also come with extensive documentation facilitating compliance of your pharma and biopharma product, full supply chain transparency and risk mitigation.

Volumetric solutions for Titration

Our Titripur® volumetric solutions and our Titrisol® concentrates offer a range of alkaline solution in different concentrations for quantifying compounds with the titration method. They are produced and analyzed under high-quality standards. The Titripur® solutions are analyzed by our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality control lab. An innovation are our digital products with an RFID tag on the bottles to transfer data seamlessly.

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