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Laboratory Filter Holders

Filter housings are used in conjunction with cut disc membrane filters providing structural support and creating a seal around the membrane to prevent filtrate contamination. Reusable syringe filter holders are suited for filtering or clearing small amounts of liquid where a replaceable or removable filter is desired. Filter holders for vacuum and pressure filtration are available in a variety of formats and sizes to accommodate a range of filter diameters. Filter holder selection is dependent on the following criteria. 

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Filter Holder Material

Reusable housings are constructed from either glass, metal, or plastic.

  • Glass filter holders: Due to their inert nature and broad chemical resistance, borosilicate glass filter holders are commonly used for research and small-scale filtrations. They are commonly used for filtering aqueous and organic or corrosive liquids and HPLC solvent preparation. Depending on the application and sample volume, there are several different glass filter holder formats. Recent design improvements to our glass filter holders have included the addition of an alignment guide, enabling quick assembly and protecting glassware from damage.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel filter holders feature corrosion resistance, strength, and resistance to bacterial adherence. Due to these advantages, stainless steel filter holders are most commonly used in industrial applications requiring pressure or high-pressure filtration. Stainless steel filter holders are also used for small-scale filtrations of organic or corrosive solutions, or when bacterial adherence must be avoided.
  • Plastic: With increased durability, plastic filter holders are often sought as an alternative to glass. Depending on the polymeric material, plastic filter holders may not offer the same broad compatibility obtained with glass. Polypropylene-based filter holders are compatible with both aqueous and organic solutions, making them an ideal alternative to fragile glass filter holders. They are commonly used for ultracleaning, general filtration, and in-line filtration.

Filter diameter

he filter holder diameter must match the diameter of the membrane filter. To minimize sample loss and reduce the risk of membrane fouling, sample volume should be considered when selecting a filter diameter. We offer filter holders with 13 mm, 25 mm, 47 mm, 90 mm, and 142 mm diameters.

  • 13 mm: recommended for 1 mL - 15 mL volumes
  • 25 mm: recommended for 10 mL - 50 mL volumes
  • 47 mm: recommended for 100 mL - 500 mL volumes
  • 90 mm: recommended for 200 mL - 1,000 mL volumes
  • 142 mm: recommended for larger volumes

Pressure-driven filtration or vacuum-driven filtration

Filter holders can withstand specific maximum pressures and have appropriate connections for use with either pressure systems or vacuum systems. Glass filter holders are designed for vacuum filtration. Stainless steel and plastic filter holders are designed for either vacuum or pressure filtration.

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