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Quality Indicator Testing Devices

Quality indicators are organisms that are utilized to verify the overall quality or hygienic conditions of a product. Indicator organisms imply the presence of spoilage organisms and ecologically similar pathogens in food, water, or environment but don’t test for a specific pathogen. It also provides reliable and rapid information about a lapse in sanitation as required in good manufacturing practice (GMP), or a process failure.


Our collection of testing systems includes alternative and rapid culture media for fast and reliable indicator organisms testing results in a time-efficient method.

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The test can easily detect and enumerate indicator organisms in a wide range of food and beverage samples showing a growth performance equivalent to or better than other conventional solutions in the market.

MC-Media Pad® culture media

Our MC-Media Pad® convenient culture media tests are designed for indicator organism testing and hygiene monitoring in food and beverage production. The pads are coated with growth media and chromogenic substrates for specific detection, allowing faster results and improved read-outs. The color coding of the pads ensures fast and secure differentiation of the culture media at a glance. The MC-Media Pad® culture media are available to identify and isolate the contaminants such as.

  • Aerobic microbes
  • Coliform
  • E. coli & Coliform
  • Yeast & Mold

This convenient method complies with international food and beverage standards (AOAC® PTM, AOAC® OMA, ISO 16140-2) and is quality controlled with strain selection according to ISO 11133. The MC-Media Pad® improves your workflow and reduces storage space, incubation, and waste capacity. These ready-to-use pads are also suitable for a range of hygiene monitoring applications such as air monitoring, surface monitoring, and personnel monitoring.

SimPlate® test

SimPlate® test is a quantitative counting method that provides easy-to-interpret results for key groups of indicator organisms in complex food and environmental sample matrices that are challenging for other rapid methods. The combination of premeasured media and patented plating device offers accurate, easy-to-read results faster than the traditional methods. The SimPlate® system along with Binary Detection Technology™ represents the technological advancement in counting methods. It simplifies the workflow, limits interference, and delivers single-plate results compared to other plating methods. SimPlate® tests have been validated by international standards (AOAC®/MicroVal®).

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