Electronic Chemicals & Etchants

Image of integrated circuit with electronic components made from electronic chemicals highlighted in blue and purple

Specialty chemicals are used to enhance the technological performance and cost efficiency of electronic components and devices to keep pace with the dynamic electronics industry. Semiconductor device fabrication requires a series of complicated steps performed in a highly controlled manner, from cleaning, etching, and photolithography, to chemical-mechanical planarization and wet processing. The number of process steps and material layers increase in accordance with semiconductor engineering complexity.  

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We provide a broad range of high-quality electronic chemicals with electronic grade purity (up to 99.999% pure, trace metals basis) for every step in the production of electronic products, such as integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, silicon wafers, packaging and flat panel displays. No matter the stage you’re at, we have precisely what you need.

  • Electroplating & electroless plating solutions
  • Formulated etchants
  • Ultra-high purity acids
  • Carboranes
  • Fluorides
  • Specialty gases
  • Dopants
  • Semiconductor grade solvents
  • Single crystal substrates

Our ready-to-use electroless plating solutions for gold, nickel, silver, and zinc, as well as electroplating solutions for low stress and pinhole-free nickel, Invar (nickel-iron alloy) and high-speed copper keep your work flowing.

Our etchants are formulated to remove substrates without damaging underlying layers and to obtain selective etching of aluminum, copper, gold, chromium, tungsten, tantalum, and ceramic films, and feature:

  • Controllable, steady etching rate
  • Compatible with various photoresists
  • Minimum undercutting
  • Minimum residue

Discover our powerful portfolio of electronic chemicals and materials in solid, liquid and gaseous form for all your high-performance, high-purity electronics applications.

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