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Substrates & Prefab Electronic Components

Scientist wearing protective clothing inspecting prefabricated pre-patterned electronic device substrate

Our substrates and prefabricated electronic components aim to greatly reduce your processing time for either characterizing your newly developed semiconductor materials or constructing an effective FET-based sensor to detect chemical/biological analytes. Just add your choice of a semiconducting layer. 

  • Quickly build your field-effect transistors (FETs) with our series of pre-patterned, back-gated, interdigitated electrodes. These electrodes are prefabricated on conducting silicon wafers, using standard lift-off technology and feature reliable ohmic source/drain contacts, very large channel width-to-length ratio (500 to 4000), and a variety of dielectric thicknesses and device architectures to choose from.
  • Our back-gated Lateral organic field-effect transistors (LOFET) circuits further simplify your active material characterization by requiring frequency measurement of only the ring oscillators, thereby avoiding the time-consuming measurement and analysis of individual transistors.

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  • Test your final devices via our Miniprober, which allows for fast and easy device measurement with reliable pad contact, without the need of a probe station.
  • We also offer prefabricated graphene chips in the configuration of hall bar device, 2-probe FETs, or liquid-gated 2-probe FETs, to fast-track your graphene sensor research and applications.
  • For your nanodevice and nanomaterial characterization needs, select our TEM grids and supplies in various grid materials, mesh sizes, grid configurations, coating material and coating thickness, staining chemicals, and sample preparation tools.
  • Our broad selection of electrochemical components features a variety of aqueous and non-aqueous reference electrodes with easy-to-handle form factors, as well as working, counter and auxiliary electrodes.

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