Energy Materials

With the search for new solutions to energy efficiency and renewable energy problems, our materials are designed for development and manufacture. Whether you work on alternative fuels, solar energy, energy storage or fuel cells, we offer products to support your advanced technologies that neither deplete natural resources nor harm the environment.

halide (chloride) salts displaying an array of color in part due to the oxidation state of the associated metals
High-Purity Salts

We offer high-purity salts manufactured under stringent specifications in hydrate and anhydrous forms in a broad range of purities (up to 99.9999% or 6N) and concentrations for the development and synthesis of advanced materials

Solution deposition and vapor deposition are two synthesis routes used for formation of advanced, precision thin films and coatings.
Solution & Vapor Deposition Precursors

Our high-quality solution deposition and vapor deposition precursors are optimal for forming advanced, precision thin films for applications ranging from electronics and optics to solar and high-performance tool coatings.

High-Purity Metals & Alloys
High-Purity Metals & Alloys

We offer an extensive range of high-purity metals and alloys in diverse compositions and particles size, even customized for your research and production applications.  

Oxides & Ceramics
Oxides & Ceramics

We offer an extensive range of high purity oxides and ceramics with specialized synthesis and purification techniques, and distinct particle sizes.

Fuel Cell Membranes & Materials
Fuel Cell Membranes & Materials

We offer a wide selection of premium fuel cell materials for enhanced power density and performance of your commercial and research applications.

Image of 2-dimensional chalcogenide glass held upright by gloved hand to display the coating.

Our 2D chalcogenide and dichalcogenide materials exhibit superior electronic, optical, and semiconducting properties for use in medical diagnostics, fiber optics and photovoltaic applications.

Vials of quantum dots ranging from blue to green to yellow and red to show the color emitted is size-dependent.
Quantum Dots

Light up your research with our comprehensive portfolio of core-type, core-shell, and alloyed quantum dots in various compositions, sizes, functionalizations, and kits. 

A thin, blue solar cell is held up by hand to sunlight.
Solar Energy Materials

We offer powerful and stable solar energy materials, perovskites, quantum dots, and lead-free alternatives to increase the power conversion efficiency of your renewable energy applications. 

Battery Materials
Battery Materials

Unleash the power of our comprehensive portfolio of anode, cathode, and electrode battery materials with state-of-the-art reliability for all your lithium ion battery research applications.

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