Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis Equipment and Systems

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Whether you need to clone a gene, detect a specific nucleic acid sequence, or quantify DNA or RNA, you need a complete set of genomic analysis tools that work together. We offer an extensive collection of high-quality reagents and chemicals for DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis and blotting including DNA and RNA ladders, sample loading buffers, precast agarose gels, nucleic acid stains, nylon transfer membranes, hybridization solutions, and Northern and Southern blotting reagents and consumables. 

What is gel electrophoresis used for? Gel electrophoresis is often used for separating molecules, such as protein, DNA, and RNA, by their size. Enhance your nucleic acid gel electrophoresis workflow with our DirectLoad™ Mini and Midi Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems. Buffers, ladders, loading dyes, and stains complement a compellingly economical solution for agarose gel electrophoresis. Featuring unprecedented sample throughput and experimental versatility, explore the full list of offerings within the DirectLoad™ lineup of products and optimize your nucleic acid research.

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DirectLoad™ Mini and Midi Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System

DirectLoad™ Mini and Midi Horizontal Electrophoresis System Features

All DirectLoad™ Mini and Midi Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems come with an array of accessories, while clear signage on each tank guides proper assembly for your experimental needs. Each system comes with the required components for assembly, and electrode cables are compatible with available mPAGE® Power Supplies. Each accessory is also available for sale separately, increasing the longevity of each system with cost-friendly replacement parts. Additional DirectLoad™ Mini and Midi Horizontal Electrophoresis System features include the following:

  • Easy-click, color-coded attachments for safe, single-orientation assembly.
  • The DirectLoad™ Lid disconnects the power source upon removal for user safety.
  • DirectLoad™ Gel Trays and Gel Dams utilize a leak-proof design, allowing preparation of agarose gels in parallel.
  • Multiple gel tray and comb size combinations maximize experimental versatility.
  • DirectLoad™ Combs are height-adjustable and can be utilized as sample loading guides using single and multi-channel pipettes.
  • Replacement accessories are available to extend the longevity of the system.

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