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Clarification Filter Holders and Systems for Bioprocessing

Our innovative hardware and systems for disposable depth filters offer the flexibility to handle a wide variety of primary and secondary clarification applications. All Millistak+®, Millistak+® HC Pro and Clarisolve® depth filter media are offered in a scalable, disposable format, the Pod Filter System. Flexible, easy-to-use filter holders are a key component of the Pod system’s modular design, enabling scalable filtration that meets your manufacturing demands without increasing footprint. 

Pod Filter System for primary and secondary clarification in lab, pilot, and process-scale applications

Pod Holders from Pilot to Process Scale

The modular holder design allows users to operate the system with as few as one Pod filter installed at pilot scale, or as many as 30 Pod filters at process scale. These options make it easy to configure and reconfigure your system for a specific application, as process capacity requirements scale up or down.

  • Flexible format offers scalability from 5–12,000 L or more
  • Optional 100% disposable flow path eliminates need for CIP and cleaning validation
  • Robust construction is easy to use and set up
  • Increase your installed surface area by 6x without increasing footprint
Mobius® FlexReady solution for large-scale clarification, processing up to 5 kg of protein or 2,000 L volumes at 2.5 g/L expression

Mobius® FlexReady Solution for Clarification at Large Scale

The Mobius® FlexReady solution for large-scale clarification consists of single-use Flexware® assemblies and process-ready hardware systems to deliver optimal operational flexibility – from clinical production, to full-scale commercial manufacturing. The self-contained and disposable nature of the system eliminates maintenance as well as cleaning validation requirements.

  • Fast setup of hardware with easy installation of optimally designed Flexware® assemblies
  • Single-use flow paths provide maximum adaptability to your evolving operational needs
  • Pre-designed and optimized solution, accompanied by extensive support to assure confidence and reduced risk

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