Tangential Flow Filtration Devices

From single-use to multi-use, our tangential flow filtration (TFF) products are ideal for pharma and biopharma manufacturing.

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Pellicon® single-pass TFF is a convenient way to reduce volumes to eliminate tank bottlenecks, reduce the size of subsequent steps, concentrate with inline buffer addition for desalting, and facilitate high final concentrations with high product recovery

Pellicon® Single-Pass TFF

Single-pass TFF with our Pellicon® capsules and cassettes streamlines processing by concentrating process streams without the recirculation of traditional TFF. This is a simple way to increase capacity, concentration, and product recovery while improving footprint. This versatile application also enables continuous and intensified processing, in which in-line volume reduction is coupled to other process steps.

Our single-use Pellicon® Capsules can be ready to perform ultrafiltration and diafiltration of mAbs and ADCs in minutes

Pellicon® Capsules

Pellicon® Capsules with Ultracel® membrane are designed for streamlined ultrafiltration and diafiltration of biopharmaceuticals, offering ease of use and process flexibility. This innovative capsule is a true single-use TFF device with a unique plug-and-play, holderless design that comes ready to process in minutes.

Pellicon® 3 cassettes deliver high protein yield with consistent purity and quality for a variety of drug products

Pellicon® 3 Cassettes

Pellicon® 3 cassettes deliver high protein yield and consistent performance while offering broad chemical compatibility. They are available with Ultracel® and Biomax® membranes for different processing needs, including mAbs, plasma, insulin, peptides, and vaccines. To overcome high viscosity challenges, our Pellicon® 3 cassettes with D screen are optimized to achieve higher protein concentrations.

Pellicon® 2 Cassettes

Pellicon® 2 cassettes are ideal for the ultrafiltration and diafiltration of biologics including concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange of polysaccharides, virus suspensions, and protein solutions. Our Ultracel® and Biomax® membranes offer efficient ultrafiltration while Durapore® membrane is best suited for microfiltration.

Pellicon® XL 50 Cassettes

Pellicon® XL 50 cassettes couple our ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes with linear scalability for process development or small-volume processing.

Prostak™ Microfiltration Modules

Prostak™ microfiltration modules provide robust construction, reliable performance, and steam-in-place capability, making them suitable for clarification, cell harvest, and multi-use perfusion. The low hold-up volume and open channel design allow high product recovery and gentle flow path for processing shear-sensitive materials.

Support for Qualification, Risk Assessment, and Process Optimization

Complementing our product portfolio, the Emprove® Program provides three types of dossiers to support different stages of development and manufacturing operations such as qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization. The dossiers consolidate comprehensive product-specific testing data, quality statements, and regulatory information in a readily available format to simplify your compliance needs.

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