Viral Clearance

Viral safety is a critical aspect of biologics production and relies on the principles of "prevent, detect and remove" to assure viral safety of drugs for patients. Preventing contamination of upstream cell culture processes relies on sourcing and testing raw materials and different technologies to remove viral contaminants. Downstream purification includes steps that either remove or inactivate viruses to provide the clearance required to assure viral safety. 

Our viral clearance portfolio includes the virus filtration solutions, chemicals, holders and systems you need to assure reliable viral safety for your production process. 

integritest® 5 integrity tester
Integrity Testers

For non-destructive filter integrity testing that is fast, reliable, and repeatable, the Integritest® 5 automated test instrument allows bubble point and diffusion testing inline or offline, with additional capability for hydrophobic filter testing when paired with the Exact-Air™ II water-based test unit.

The Mobius® FlexReady solution for large-scale virus filtration
Virus Filter Holders and Systems

Flexible, easy-to-use filter holders are a key component for integration of the Viresolve® Pro Solution, enabling scalable virus filtration that meets your manufacturing demands.

Graphic of Virus Inactivation: A: Heat Inactivation; B: Low pH Treatment; C: Detergent Treatment
Virus Inactivation

Our virus inactivation offerings provide biopharma manufacturers with improved options for HTST pasteurization, low pH and chemical/detergent treatment, ensuring virus-free products while simplifying compliance and documentation.

Viresolve® Barrier capsules and Viresolve® Pro Devices used to assure viral safety in cell culture media and downstream processing
Virus Filters

Viral safety is a key component of drug safety for patients. Learn how virus filtration reduces risk, assures viral clearance, and enhances viral safety.

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