Structural Genomics Consortium

Target validation using SGC chemical probes

In your research, it is essential to ensure that your target is the right target. We have partnered with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) to provide highly characterized, novel chemical probes for researching clinically relevant protein targets. These probes, developed and characterized by the SGC, meet strict criteria for potency, selectivity, and cell-permeability in order to be used as essential tools in preclinical target validation. Originally focusing on proteins involved in epigenetic control, including well-studied targets such as the bromodomain-containing BET family of proteins and histone methyltransferase EZH2, the SGC has expanded to include chemical probes for other research areas, including kinases, serine proteases and other protein families. 

Chemical Probes

The SGC is a non-profit organization that partners public and private entities with the goal of conducting open-access research with relevance to drug discovery, placing a primary focus on elucidating the 3D structures of human protein and human parasite protein targets. Approximately 200 scientists from the Universities of Oxford and Toronto and nine pharmaceutical companies work to achieve this goal, making the structures, reagents and methods available to the public to facilitate further research on protein targets. 

Target Validation Using Chemical Probes

Backed by full characterization data from the SGC and the consistency and high quality of our Bioactive Small Molecule portfolio, SGC chemical probes allow you to validate your target with confidence. Explore the full offering of SGC chemical probes, including probes for bromodomains, methyltransferases, kinases, and other epigenetic targets.

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