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MILLIPLEX® Multiplex for Luminex® Immunoassays

Your time and samples are too precious to trust anything but the most highly verified MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays for the Luminex® platform. Robust assay performance data is included in every protocol ensuring the highest quality data.


Use our configurator to explore our MILLIPLEX® analyte offering and order panels.

Discover with Confidence Using MILLIPLEX® Multiplex Assays

  • Over 1,000 analytes for measurement of protein biomarkers and intracellular proteins
  • Analytes conveniently arranged in panels by research area
  • Read about MILLIPLEX® quality and how we ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility for every panel

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MILLIPLEX® Immunology Research

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MILLIPLEX® Vet Med & Animal Health Research

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MILLIPLEX® Metabolism/Endocrinology & Cardiovascular Research

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Other MILLIPLEX® Research Areas

Browse other ways researchers are using MILLIPLEX® assays including cancer/immuno-oncology, neuroscience, cell signaling, toxicity, and cosmetics/personal health research.

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Luminex® Instrumentation & BioTek® Washers

MILLIPLEX® assays are based on Luminex® xMAP® technology. Find out which Luminex® instrument is best for your research and explore info on our ancillary equipment.

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Tips & Support for MILLIPLEX® Assays

Get tips and tricks for running MILLIPLEX® assays straight from the experts and view FAQs.

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Custom Assay Services

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