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PVDF and nitrocellulose Immobilon® transfer membranes for Western blotting applications.

Immobilon® PVDF and nitrocellulose transfer membranes provide high sensitivity and low background in Western blotting and other blotting applications. Tailored for specific applications, detection chemistries, and blotting techniques, Immobilon® membranes are offered in a variety of options for optimal results, flexibility, and convenience.  

We offer four types of Immobilon® PVDF membranes as well as Immobilon® nitrocellulose membranes, each optimized for a specific protein blotting application. Blotting sandwiches that feature pre-cut sheets of membrane and blotting filter paper are also available. 

  • Immobilon® NC membrane is made of nitrocellulose, exhibiting lowest background due to decreased non-specific antibody binding with the ability to bind both proteins and nucleic acids for a variety of blotting applications.
  • Immobilon®-E membrane (0.45 µm) is the only PVDF membrane that wets out in aqueous buffers, eliminating the methanol pre-wet step. This membrane is well-suited for most Western blotting applications.
  • Immobilon®-P membrane (0.45 µm) is optimized for Western blotting and offer better handling and staining than nitrocellulose. All Immobilon®-P PVDF membranes have a pore size of 0.45 μm.
  • Immobilon®-PSQ membrane (0.2 µm) is ideal for protein sequencing and immunoblotting of low molecular weight proteins. It has a higher protein binding capacity and a higher retention than 0.45 µm membranes.
  • Immobilon®-FL membrane (0.45 µm) was developed for fluorescence-based immunodetection. It has low background fluorescence across a wide range of excitation and emission wavelengths.
  • Immobilon® NOW rolls (8.5cm x 10m) provide improved convenience over standard transfer membrane rolls. Get a standard mini or mid blot with a single cut using measurement marks on the package lid. 

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Immobilon® Nitrocellulose Membranes for Western Blotting

Nitrocellulose (NC) membranes bind proteins through hydrophobic interactions. Immobilon® nitrocellulose membranes:

  • bind both proteins and nucleic acids 
  • are compatible with Western blotting, Northern blotting, Southern blotting, and dot blot techniques 
  • exhibit low background attributed to decreased non-specific antibody binding
  • demonstrate excellent binding capacity for low molecular weight proteins
  • are optimized for chemiluminescent, chromogenic, and fluorescent detection

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