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Accessories for Milli-Q® Lab Water Purification Systems

To ensure optimal space savings, safety and sanitary conditions of your water purification solution, we offer a range of accessories to support your lab’s specific needs and environment.

From installation options that save valuable bench space, to sensors that monitor for spillage, and our must-have foot pedal that gives irreplaceable convenience to your working day. Adapt to your specific requirements with accessories from the list below, organized as follows:

  • Installation – Give the best fit for your space
  • Safety – Detect leaks and ensure uninterrupted water supply
  • Sanitization – Protect your system and water quality
  • Quality – Monitor purity parameters
  • Convenience – For a more productive day

UV Sanitization: Protection for Stored Pure Water

When storing purified water, proliferation of bacteria is always a concern. The Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) regularly irradiates the inner walls of your storage tank with a bactericidal UV lamp to prevent bacterial growth and biofilm formation. Just 10 minutes of daily UV exposure is sufficient to eliminate the need for regular chemical sanitization.

  • Automatic UV exposure reduces bacteria levels
  • Eliminates or limits significantly the need for chemical sanitization
  • Optional water detection feature protects lab against water leakages

For central water systems, a UV lamp may also be placed within the distribution loop, to irradiate circulating water before feeding out to instruments and equipment or returning to the reservoir.

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Water Sensors: Detect Spills and Avoid Damage

Water sensors greatly reduce the risk of flooding and damage to the lab or other instruments. Sensors can be placed where most convenient for the lab, typically on the floor or benchtop. In the unlikely event of a leak, the water sensor will detect the presence of water and automatically shut down the feed water access, whether it be the system or main water supply.

Foot Pedal: Convenience of Hands-free Water Delivery

Pedal your way to a more productive day with a foot pedal for your water purification system. The foot pedal lets you remotely control water delivery by a simple push of your foot, when connected to a Q-POD® ultrapure water dispenser or E-POD® pure water dispenser.

  • Saves time when repeat dispensing the same volume.
  • Supports lab sanitary protocols as users do not need to touch the system to access water.
  • A 3m cable provides large flexibility to position the pedal according to your lab design constraints.

HighlightS: Enjoy Hands-Free Water Dispensing

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