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Quantitative NMR for Content Assignment of Reference Standards for Quality Control of Herbal Medicinal Products
qNMR has proven to be appropriate as a primary analytical method for the certification of natural products as reference standards for QC of herbal medicinals.
Antibody Drug Conjugate Mimic Enables LC-MS Method Development Without Risk
Here we show how LC and MS methods may be optimized using a non-toxic surrogate of the ADC, an “ADC-mimic”, that behaves very similarly to the Cys-linked ADC Adcetris (Seattle Genetics).
FAME Standard for Optimizing GC System Performance
AOCS and AOAC methods for determining the trans fatty acid composition of foods by gas chromatography require the use of a highly polar cyanosilicone capillary column to provide the best peak resolution attainable of the numerous geometric (cis & trans)
US EPA Method 552: GC Analysis of Haloacetic Acids (Methyl Ester Derivatives) on Equity-1701
US EPA Method 552: GC Analysis of Haloacetic Acids (Methyl Ester Derivatives) on Equity-1701
Derivatization of Fatty acids to FAMEs
Explore how GC can be used to analyze fatty acids either as free fatty acids or as fatty acid methyl esters.
Complete Workflow for Comprehensive Cannabis Terpenes Analysis
Complete workflow for the comprehensive analysis of terpenes in cannabis
GC Analysis of Bacterial Acid Methyl Esters (BAMEs) on Equity®-1
Protocol for GC Analysis of Bacterial Acid Methyl Esters (BAMEs) on Equity®-1
Fast and Reliable Environmental Analysis of Aldehyde and Ketone Air Pollutants
Aldehydes and ketones are ubiquitous air pollutants. Along with esters and ethers, they are major components of indoor air pollution and are therefore important for industrial hygiene applications.
GC Analysis of Grob Test Mix SLB IL76i
GC Analysis of Grob Test Mix on SLB®-IL76i
Qualitative Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis Ginkgo
Qualitative Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis of Flavonoids and Quantification of Terpene Lactones in Ginkgo Biloba Extracts and Tablets
New GC-MS Method for Mycotoxin Analysis
An article regarding A New GC-MS Method for Mycotoxin Analysis Using 13C-marked Mycotoxin Derivatives from
Extraction and Analysis of Lasix (Furosemide) in Horse Serum
Studies have suggested that there is a correlation between furosemide and improved racing performance, prompting the horse racing industry to monitor the use of this drug
Determination of Quinine in Tonic Water and Caffeine in Coffee and Cola Drinks Using TLC-MS
HPTLC–MS analysis of quinine in tonic water and caffeine in coffee and cola drinks. Tonic and cola drinks decarbonized through ultrasonication, and coffee extracted through PTFE filter.
MET-Biodiesel Capillary GC Column
B100 biodiesel analysis of free glycerin & total glycerin by Gas Chromatography using the Supelco MET-Biodiesel capillary gc column for ASTM D6584 & EN 14105
Accurate Biological Testing for Amphetamine and Methamphetamine Abuse Using Chiral HPLC and MS Detection
Optimized sample prep and chiral chromatography methods for the LC/MS analysis of these drug enantiomers in urine
Determination of Caffeine in Coffee using High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography
HPTLC was used to analyze caffeine in coffee. Filtration of coffee through a PTFE syringe filter was the only sample preparation. Quantitation was conducted with a TLC scanner.
Analytical Standards of Boswellic Acids and Their Separation
We offer six boswellic acids as analytical standards and two neat standards of α+β mixtures for use in research and quality control.
Extraction and Analysis of PAHs in Olive Oil using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer SPE and GC-MS
Extraction and Analysis of PAHs in Olive Oil using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer SPE and GC-MS
Learn more about Neonicotinoids - active substances used in plant protection products to control harmful insects.
Analysis of Active Cannabis Compounds (Cannabinoids) in Edible Food Products: Gummy Bears and Brownies
Rapid potency testing of marijuana-infused edibles using LC/MS on a biphenyl stationary phase detected eleven cannabinoids.
Rapid, Sensitive, and Quantitative LC/MS/MS Determination of Digitoxin and Digoxin in Plasma
Immunoassay-based methods for digitoxin or digoxin exist, but are time consuming, labor intensive, and not selective due to similarities in their chemical structures.
LC/MS/MS Analysis of Steroid Hormones in Plasma
The conversion of clinical methods to LC/MS/MS offers advantages; however, is accompanied by a few limitations, notably interference effects from the endogenous sample matrix.
Chiral and Achiral LC-MS Analysis of Warfarin™ in Plasma Samples
This study demonstrates the analysis of Warfarin in plasma samples utilizing chiral and achiral (reversed-phase) LC-MS and effective sample prep to remove endogenous phospholipids
Analysis of Fipronil and Fipronil Sulfone in Eggs, Chicken Meat and Mayonnaise
A short abstract on a method using QuEChERS and GC/MS/MS for determination of fipronil & fipronil sulfone.
GC Analyses of FAMEs by Boiling Point Elution
GC Analyses of FAMEs by Boiling Point Elution
HPLC Analysis of Insulin Variants and Analogs
Chromatographic technique identifies insulin variants efficiently, aiding in pharmacokinetics.
Capillary GC Columns for GC x GC
GCxGC excels in compound resolution, making it indispensable in analytical chemistry for complex samples.
HPTLC for Passiflora incarnata
HPTLC fingerprinting enables rapid identification of passion flower with related reference materials.
Production of Dual-labelled Proteins
Refinement of protein dual-labeling protocol using EnPresso® B Defined Nitrogen-free showcased by Vernalis, Ltd. for drug discovery.
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