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Tissue Markers for Cancer Diagnostics
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) represents an indispensable tool in cancer diagnostics.
Water for Histology Staining
Reliable histology staining requires consistent quality pure water. See examples of GMS and H&E stains performed with various water contaminants and comparing tap vs Type 2 water.
Colorimetric Phosphatase/Peroxidase Substrate Systems
NBT-BCIP substrate system aids in western blotting and immunohistological staining, producing a blue-purple insoluble end product.
Staining for Fungi
Fungal stains remain an important tool in the histology laboratory's diagnostic arsenal for identifying infectious microorganisms.
Centrifugation Separations
CsCl gradient centrifugation separates RNA from DNA; differential and density gradient centrifugation techniques explained.