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Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit Protocol
The Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of total DNA from a wide range of plant and fungi species.
Pathology Media – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Fungal and Bacterial Detection Media, Media Preparation and Storage, Media Composition Table.
Genome Editing in Plants with CRISPR/Cas9
ZFNs and CRISPR/Cas9 advance targeted genome editing, opening new research avenues.
Media Preparation – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Preparation from Packaged Powder, Preparation from Basal Salt Solutions, Banana Powder Preparation and Use, Coconut Water Preparation and Use
Vitamin Mixtures – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Preparation of Solutions from Packaged Powder, Media Preparation using Vitamin Solutions, Vitamin Mixtures Composition Table
Phycology Media in Plant Tissue Culture
Phycology media can be prepared from concentrated solutions or from powdered salt mixtures. The concentrated solutions are complete, including vitamins, and should be stored frozen.
Explant Sterilization – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Surface sterilizing plant material is an important for plant tissue culture. Commonly used disinfectants for plant tissue culture and methods for disinfecting seeds are included.
Antibiotics in Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Reference guide and preparation guide for antibiotic and antimycotic use in plant tissue culture.
Silver Thiosulfate – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Preparation instructions for 0.1 M Sodium Thiosulfate (STS) and 0.1 M Silver Nitrate stock solutions for laboratory use.
Gelling Agents – Plant Tissue Culture Protocol
Instructions for preparing alginate, agargel, and phytagel agar to solidify plant tissue culture media, with criteria for product selection.