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Additional Services for Milli-Q® Water Purification Systems

We strive to support and serve your lab with the following:

  • System Installation Services
  • Water Tank & Distribution Loop Sanitization Service
  • Extended Warranties 
  • Additional Preventive Maintenance Visits
  • Consumables Replacement Scheduling 

Water Purification System Installation

Milli-Q®-certified field service engineers provide efficient installation service complete with required systems and components. They will also provide training and expert advice on optimizing your system’s use.

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Water Tank & Distribution Loop Sanitization Service*

A water storage tank and any associated distribution loop can become contaminated with bacteria and biofilm over time, which could impact experimental results and clinical analyses. Storage tanks and loops should be professionally disinfected to ensure sanitary conditions are maintained, so that you can remain confident in your water quality.

Milli-Q® Services offers a certified tank and loop sanitization procedure that is more rapid and efficient than other standard cleaning options.

  • Fully eliminates bacterial contamination in the storage tank1
  • Performed by a specially trained and certified field service engineer following verified SOPs
  • Rapidly performed in only a few hours thanks to our registered easy-to-rinse sanitant; Other sanitants are hard to rinse, making the tank sanitization procedure lengthy and with a prolonged downtime
  • Suitable for all water tanks feeding one of our water systems, plus any associated distribution loops

This tank maintenance procedure is also suitable for any laboratory environment, including:

Tank & Loop Sanitization Service

Clinical Laboratories

  • Prevents analyzer contamination and risk of delivering affected results
  • Prevents downtime and delays in delivering patient results
  • Contributes to complying with CLSI® guidelines on microbial contamination2

Pharmaceutical and Regulated Laboratories

  • Certified sanitization SOPs available to customers
  • Helps keep your lab compliant with EU and US Pharmacopeia requirements on microbial contamination in purified water3
  • Sanitization complements the effect of the Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM)

Any Custom and/or High-throughput Installation

  • Prevent contamination risk on each tap and instrument fed by your Milli-Q® water purification system

* Please note that this service is only available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
1 Immediately after the sanitization. Up to 6 log reduction.
Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) grade, microbial contamination ≤ 10 cfu/mL.
European Pharmacopoeia 8.5, July 2015. Requirements for purified water in bulk. Microbial contamination ≤ 100 cfu/mL. US Pharmacopoeia, USP 38 – NF 33 August 2015, Purified Water, Microbial Specifications, not be greater than 100 cfu/mL.

Extended Warranties

Extend the manufacturer warranty for one more year. This includes labor for troubleshooting and repairing the water purification system, as well as travel and spare parts.

Consumables Replacement Scheduling with a Consumables Supply Agreement

To ensure consistently high-quality purified water and the long lifetime of your water purification system, it’s critical to replace your water purification cartridges on time and with genuine ISO 9001-certified parts.

With a Consumables Supply Agreement, you’re guaranteed to have the right purification cartridges at the right time. Save time with the most economical and reliable solution to guarantee your water quality.

  • Only 1 purchase order
  • Automatic deliveries
  • Flexibility to adjust
  • Predictable, fixed pricing
  • Never miss an expiry date
  • Only genuine ISO 9001-certified parts

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