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Inventory Management

Our high-quality brands, Supelco® and Cerilliant® are specialized in providing complete packaging solutions to our customers while preserving product integrity. Our extensive capabilities include specialty and custom packaging, custom labeling, inventory storage, inventory management, and worldwide distribution. We offer flexibility in the packaging requirements for our clients while also providing secure inventory access. 

Custom packaging management of reference materials

Specialty Packaging from Supelco®

  • We provide economical reference material packaging services - large or small jobs, simple or difficult
  • Our facilities and equipment allow for handling hygroscopic, light-sensitive, or other delicate materials under suitable conditions and inert atmospheres
  • Our services include automated ampule filling that eliminates product burning during the sealing process
  • We offer private/OEM labeling and custom packaging
  • We are also experienced at repackaging biocides, diagnostic stains, drugs, solvents, and vitamins


Custom packaging & inventory management of reference materials

Cerilliant® Custom Packaging

Reference Materials

For reference materials produced from Supelco®-synthesized materials, procured materials, or materials provided by the client, our custom packaging is designed for convenient handling of these finished products and ensures safe handling of flammable, toxic, or potent materials.

Solutions and Powders

Custom packaging can be performed in an inert environment and fulfilled on a continuous basis, when required, for toxic, potent, volatile, and sensitive materials. Choose packaging from a variety of container types and sizes with closures and seals that best suit your needs. Secondary packaging can also be provided for secondary containment, the convenience of use, the grouping of materials, or simply, to provide an aesthetically pleasing outer package. Cerilliant® offers custom-labeling, including private and OEM, to meet client specifications for all container types.

No packaging job is too small or too large. We regularly fulfill projects containing 5,000 to 80,000 units and can work within client specifications of fill weight or volume. Cerilliant® offers expertise for the following:

  • Handling and packaging of all types of materials, from volatile liquids, powders, flammables, and highly toxic materials to air-sensitive, light-sensitive, and moisture sensitive materials
  • Lyophilization
  • Packaging materials in a variety of containers: ampules (2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL), vials (screw cap and crimp cap), bottles (glass or plastic with various closures)
  • Silanization of packaging containers, if applicable, to prevent adherence or interaction of materials with glass containers
  • Custom labeling, based on client specifications for all container types
  • Design and manufacture of custom secondary packaging including trays and boxes with various inserts

Cerilliant® Inventory Management & Distribution

Cerilliant® offers inventory storage, management, and worldwide distribution services. We efficiently manage our client's reference standards inventory, produced not only by us but also, from other sources.

Our facility includes dedicated and mapped storage areas, and we continuously monitor storage temperatures to ensure material integrity. We can store materials requiring a variety of storage conditions including controlled substances. We have a dedicated material control staff to ensure materials are properly received and stored. As part of our inventory management service, we can pre-aliquot your materials into the proper size for same-day distribution when needed or can aliquot and ship on an as-requested basis (usually 2-3 days). 

We can monitor and manage material retests to ensure materials and current certification data are always available.  We are able to distribute inventory on a set schedule to pre-set locations or as requested to locations around the world.

DOT and IATA certified distribution experts are here to ensure each package is properly packed and meets all appropriate regulations. Our experts ship over 13,000 packages annually to 58 countries today. We'll manage the regulatory paperwork for compliance and safe arrival of your packages while offering controlled temperature shipments and monitoring during transit as needed.

Secure access to all inventory and material data (including all certification data and material safety data sheets) is available 24/7 via Cerilliant’s web-based customer portal. We provide automated notifications and inventory reporting to clients on any schedule desired and can customize reports to your specifications.

Our capabilities:

  • Storage of a variety of reference materials requiring various storage conditions, including DEA controlled substances I-V and List I chemicals
  • Physical and electronic separation of client inventory
  • Re-test inventory on a set schedule or as requested
  • Distribute inventory on a set schedule or as requested
  • Aliquot inventory in advance or JIT
  • Automated inventory & distribution reporting
  • Customer Portal access for viewing inventory information & ordering
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Controlled temperature shipments and monitoring

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