Easy Grip - Full Control

Ergonomic HDPE bottles for acids, bases, and solvents

Redefine Lab Safety with HDPE Bottles

Innovative packaging design meets lab safety in our new “easy grip” 1 L high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle. Unlike conventional glass bottles that can break easily, this bottle offers a firm grip and full control. Ensure lab safety and simple handling of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory with our HDPE packaging, protecting against accidents and health risks.

Just like our popular 2.5 L HDPE bottle, this smaller version offers effective chemical resistance to acids, bases and solvents. Choose the small HDPE bottles for daily lab use to preserve product quality, while promoting safety, environmental protection and cost savings.

Ergonomic HDPE bottles for acids, bases, and solvents

Laboratory Plastic Bottle Benefits You Can Feel

  • Ergonomic grip and shape: For optimal handling and pouring
  • Sharp thread lip: Specially formed for safe closure and drip-free pouring
  • Special base geometry: Ensures high pressure stability and prevents bulging
  • Low bottle weight: Unbreakable material for safe handling and cost-efficient transportation
  • Smart labels: 2D barcode for fast and easy access to digitalized product data

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