Decrease Your Footprint. Increase Reproducibility.

Make an impact with ZooMAb® recombinant antibodies

Be part of the sustainable solution with the greener antibody for multiple applications.

Why You Should Choose Greener Alternative Recombinant Antibodies

When thinking of greener alternatives for your lab, you should rethink your antibody choice. Antibodies are a common reagent for so many applications, that even a simple switch can have a big impact. ZooMAb® recombinant antibodies are generated by cloning antibody genes into expression vectors. This greatly reduces the use of animals associated with traditional polyclonal antibody production processes while also providing superior specificity, affinity, and reproducibility.

You can also get simpler, easier access to high-performance antibodies when you choose ZooMAb® antibodies. All ZooMAb® recombinant antibodies are free of biocides like sodium azide and carrier proteins of animal origin, such as bovine serum albumin (BSA). When we keep these potentially hazardous chemicals out of our products, we also keep them out of the environment during disposal.

And, you can confidently research with antibody performance backed by our Antibody Guarantee.

The Simple Way to Reduce Lab Waste

Don’t throw away your chance to be part of the sustainable solution. Eliminate the need for polystyrene foam shipping containers and ice bricks, and reduce the associated extra costs, emissions, and waste with ZooMAb® antibodies. Every ZooMAb® recombinant antibody is lyophilized to provide long-term stability and is stable at room temperature. Therefore, they can be ambiently shipped with low-waste and lower-weight “SMASH Packaging” which decreases emissions associated with transportation.

Upgrade your antibody choice today and explore all our recombinant antibodies on our ZooMAb® page.

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