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Find a willing lab mate (or two) and get ready for some friendly competition, good laughs, and a whole lot of fun! You and your lab mates will win a cool prize and bragging rights amongst your peers! Play as many games as you want, then claim your prize before end of day October 8, 2021.*

*Lab games will run from August 2 thru October 8, 2021. For US and Canada customers only. Each lab games participant is required to fill out the form below in order to receive a prize. One prize per participant, per form submitted. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your prize to arrive.

Official rules and regulations.

Supplies: Each player needs one test tube in a rack, a beaker filled with water, an automatic pipette, one tip (you can grab a used tip, just not a gross one!), and a blindfold

Objective: Race to fill your test tube with water using a pipette while blindfolded.

Setup and Game Play:

  1. Each player marks their test tube at the same volume using a marker or pen.
  2. Set supplies on bench or counter-height table then put your blindfold on.
  3. On your mark…get set…grab your pipette and begin transferring water from the beaker into the tube. Be the first to fill your test tube to the marked volume to win! 

Supplies: water, unmarked cup, and 150 mL beaker or 150 mL graduated cylinder

Objective: Fill the unmarked cup with your best estimate of 150 mL water. Pour the water into the 150 mL beaker or cylinder. The person that gets closest to the 150 mL line wins! 

Setup and Game Play:

  1. Give each player an unmarked cup/container, water and a 150 mL beaker or cylinder.
  2. Fill unmarked cup/container with your best estimate of 150 mL water.
  3. Pour water into 150 mL beaker or cylinder.
  4. Compare who is closest to the 150 mL volume line. The person with the closest volume wins!

Supplies: tape measure, ice, tape

Objective: Slide your ice cube to the point lines. The player with the most points after three turns wins.

Set up:

  1. Measure your bench top with a tape measure and divide the bench top into quarters.
  2. Place a line of tape at each quarter mark.
  3. The furthest line of tape is your boundary (you don’t want to cross this line). The closest line is your release line (you don’t want to let your hand slide past this line when releasing your ice).
  4. Grab a cup of ice so each player has at least one ice cube.

Game Play:

  1. Stand at the end of the lab bench with your ice cube.
  2. Slide your ice cube to the point lines, being careful not to cross the starting line with your hand.
  3. If the ice cube slides past the first tape line, you earn one point. If the ice cube slides past the second line, that is two points, and so forth. Don’t let your ice cube fall off the bench!
  4. Each player has four tries to get as many points as possible.
  5. The player with the most points wins the challenge!

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