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Wouldn’t it be great if your experiments ran faster with even better results? Whether blotting, transfecting, or purifying … gain time at each leg of the race with products that will save you time at the bench, without compromising on quality.

These products do more than save you time, they:

  • Simplify your lab routines. Work smarter … not harder!
  • Increase the purity and yield of your experiments. Clearly better!
  • Decrease plastic consumption. Go green!

*Offer valid July 19 thru August 20, 2021. For US and Canada customers only.

"Lyse and Go!" with PCR kits that extract and amplify DNA in 8 - 15 minutes. Identify the presence or absence of RNA templates and quantify expression and transcription levels in one-step RT-PCR kits.

Stop spending 40 minutes at the bench, reduce your hands-on time to just 3 minutes when you purify and clean nucleic acids with GenElute-E™.

You only need one reagent for transient and stable transfection with X-tremeGENE™.

Print our chemical and temperature resistant labels from your phone with our WIFI-enabled MilliSentials™ Lab Labeling System. Automactically dispense accurate aliquots with the touch of a button using the MilliSentials™ Aliquoting Pipette Controller.

Don't want to cast your own gels? Get a 15 minute shorter run time with precast gels from mPAGE®.

Skip the wait time between pouring the resolving and stacking gels when you prepare your own gels with TurboMix™.

Protect proteins against dephosphorylation and protease degredation with easy dissolvable PhosSTOP™ and cOmplete™ Inhibitor cocktails for the optimal protein protection.

Facilitate the dissociation of a broad range of tissue types in less time with Liberase™ - pre-blended collagenase.

Quickly measure and cute membranes for Western blotting with the push of a finger using Immobilon® NOW dispenser and membrane rolls.

Walk-away Western blotting with Immobilon® GO. Iliminate the wash steps and manual buffer changes during immunodetection and simply return in three hours.

Ready to use buffers in 2 minutes, just dissolve a package of pHast Pack™ in water for exact concentration and pH.

No more annoying clumps in hygroscopic salts and buffers when you use Redi-Dri™. It provides free-flowing, ready-to-use material at all times.

Clone your cells faster with acceptor and perfectly blunt cloning vectors and get higher protein expression yield with pSTBlue cloning vectors and ALiCE® Cell Free Protein Expression Kits.

Get high yield DNA plasmid production and high yield production of recombinant proteins with EZMix™ microbial growth medium.

Eliminate manual colony selection or cell scraping during passaging of pluripotent stem cells with EZ-LiFT Stem Cell Passaging Reagent.

Reduce filtartion time with high flow rate with Stericup® Vaccume Filters that minimize loss of critical proteins, media, buffers, and reagents

Get accurate and reliable cell counts in less than 30 seconds with the portable and hand-held Scepter ™ 3.0 Cell Counter

Finding the right FBS is now easier and faster with our new FBS selection process.

Don't waste your time weighing and preparing antibiotic stock solutions for cell culture. Use ready made solutions that save you time and reduce the risk of inhailing small particles of antibiotics during the weighing process.

Extra time? Game On! (Lab Games coming soon!)

Grab your lab partners for a few minutes of friendly competition, lots of laughs, and a chance to win some great prizes!

Lab games will commence August 2!

What: Lab Games Challenge

When: August 2 – 20, 2021

Where: Your Lab

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