Trust and Teamwork

are how essential laboratory and life science tools
get made — at your pace and scale

Whether you are manufacturing laboratory products and kits, specialty media and culture tools, assays, or biology materials for inclusion in life science applications, your requirements are clear. We are the partner who can provide reliable, high-quality, sustainable solutions for use in your development and manufacturing processes.

Comprehensive portfolio of premier reagents, biology materials and labware needed to develop tools for life science applications.

Animal component free media and ingredients for robust and reproducible cell cultures.

  • We have robust and standardized processes, integrated risk management and global tools, and measurements aligned with customers’ expectations and regulatory needs.
  • We provide quality, compliance, and business support (including documentation) needed for the application.
  • Choose a partner who excels in manufacturing, global inventory & distribution, plus transparent supply chain communications that keep your labs and lines running.
  • Providing manufacturing with tailored solutions based on reliable quality, enhanced QC and documentation and supported by a reliable global supply chain.
  • Bulk and packaging options that accommodate your scale
  • Customized solutions for bulk chemicals according to your specifications
  • Providing more environmentally friendly packaging
  • Bulk and returnable containers
  • Green solvents and biodegradable detergents

fluorescent staining of tissue with purple nuclei and green cytoplasm

Establishing a successful culture begins with preparing cells and media with the highest standards.

Count on our extensive collection of validated cell lines, high flowrate filtration systems, and diverse cryopreservation products to set up your cell culture for success.

Bottles of Sigma-Aldrich tissue culture media


Choose media and cell culture reagents fit for your application:

Supplements & Growth Factors:

    Bottles of Sigma-Aldrich tissue culture media

    To ensure a consistent environment throughout your experiment requires well-characterized materials and high-quality products.

      Scientist pipetting cell culture media into microplates under hood

      From counting to live imaging, our advanced technologies will help you analyze faster, with greater precision, and with more insight into cellular processes.

      Cell Based Assays


        Colorful drawing of bottles with animal component free symbols
        Animal component free

        Improve your cell culture consistency and performance and reduce biological variability with our animal component-free (ACF) media and reagents.

        Diamond signifying the lifescience material quality and portfolio transparency program called M-Clarity™
        M-Clarity Program

        The M-Clarity™ Program defines product quality levels and improves product and service transparency throughout our broad Life Science portfolio.

        lab safety glasses reflecting lab bench and scientists
        Lab Safety

        We combine innovative products and packaging with individual support to minimize your hazardous chemical exposure, keep you safe, simplify your work, and help you save resources.

        Florence flask with green clear liquid and shadow of a tree to signify green chemistry
        Sustainable Chemistry

        Join us in the mission to ensure a more sustainable future for everyone. Explore our growing portfolio of greener products, programs, and services.

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