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Escherichia coli bacteria

Figure 1.E. coli bacteria detection and analysis

Industrial microbiology: Serving industries with innovative microbial testing solutions

Microorganisms are essential for almost all ecosystems in nature, and that includes the human body, where they form the microbiome without which we could not survive.

There are, however, microorganisms that pose a danger to patients, customers or production personnel or that cause industrial processes to fail. This is why we offer products and services to industry that help trace and combat such pathogens and spoilage organisms.

We offer systems that can detect, enumerate and identify harmful bacteria, yeasts and molds in or on raw materials, process intermediates or finished products, including food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. With our complete portfolio of product solutions, services and regulatory guidance we make sure you remain one step ahead in ensuring microbial product safety.

Microbial testing methods

Beyond our complete range of high-quality microbiological testing solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, municipal water, beverage and food industries, we also provide our customers with regulatory expertise, comprehensive custom services and, most importantly, the trust and confidence to fulfill that one core obligation: to manufacture products that are safe, day in, day out.

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