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We're inspired by your passion to drive science forward. That’s why Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions is constantly innovating to:

  • Simplify use and maintenance
  • Reduce water and energy consumption
  • Streamline system and data management

So you can focus on your work, not your lab water.


We provide complete support for all our pure and ultrapure water purification systems, as well as adaptable solutions for laboratories to suit your validation, industry, application, or budget requirements.

Volumetric dispensing with a Milli-Q® water purification system


As water is a main reagent in many experiments, its purity—and consistency of purity—plays a critical role in obtaining accurate and reproducible results. Understanding the potential impact of water contaminants can help you select the optimal water quality and water purification solution for your laboratory.

In this selection of Application Notes and Webinars, our Lab Water experts discuss:

  • Water quality requirements for specific laboratory applications
  • How to avoid the effects of water contamination on results
  • Which water purification technologies remove which contaminants
  • How to adapt water purity to best suit your needs

Review the resource below to learn to optimize water quality for your analyses.

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