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New Aroma Chemical Ingredients

New Flavor and Fragrance Aroma Chemicals

Keep up with consumer demand for emerging certified flavor or fragrance formulations with our latest aroma chemical ingredient offer. 

We continue to expand our Flavors and Fragrances line of products in support of required market specifications such as:

  • Natural
  • Food Grade
  • Kosher and Halal Certified
  • IFRA Compliance
  • JECFA and Food Chemical Codex tested

Click on the organoleptic of interest below to see our most recent product releases.

Spicy, Woody

Brown modified letter M.

New Spicy Aroma Chemicals

The letter M on an orange peel.

New Fruity Aroma Chemicals

The letter M on a pink leaf.

New Floral and Sweet Aroma Chemicals

The letter M on a green leaf.

New Minty, Herbaceous and Green Aroma Chemicals

The letter M on bacon.

New Meaty Aroma Chemicals

A purple letter M on a white background.

New Odorless Food Additive Ingredients

Flavors & Fragrances – New Product Offerings

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Flavors and Fragrances on a tablet
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