Get Up to Speed in Your UF/DF

With plug ‘n play and linearly scalable Pellicon® Capsules for gene therapy and vaccine production.

Experience Superior Flux Wrapped in a Plug ‘N Play Format to Save Time and Achieve Linear Scalability in Your Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration Process

Our Pellicon® Capsules are a true single-use solution for your TFF challenges. Designed for efficient single-use UF/DF, the Pellicon® Capsule is a first-of-its-kind spiral-wound TFF filter engineered to provide you with performance consistency and linear scalability for reliable process development and predictable scale-up at any stage of your gene therapies and vaccines.

Its plug ‘n play holderless format provides fast and easy installation, as well as self-containment for those processes requiring additional safety. The capsules are gamma sterilized and can integrate into our TFF systems from process development to process scale. With optimum feed channel design, the capsules perform with high flux to meet your concentration targets with speed.

  • Plug ‘n play holderless design for faster installation and safer removal
  • True single-use, gamma sterilized capsule that is ready to use in minutes and enables closed processing
  • Superior flux with optimum feed channel screen for faster processing and higher achievable concentration factors than hollow fibers
  • Optimum recovery with ultra-low binding Ultracel® membrane ideal for high value therapeutics
  • Linearly scalable with the same performance as our Pellicon® cassettes for reliability across all scales
 Pellicon® Capsule chart

Comparison of initial operating flux performance for flatsheet and hollow fiber filters and operating systems for 100 and 300 kDa NMWL. For TMP control (one pump), initial flux is the flux at optimal TMP. For permeate control (two pump), initial flux is 50% of the critical flux. The higher flux provided by capsules and cassettes result in faster processing time or reduced membrane area requirements.

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Inventory is Limited. Pellicon® Capsules size 0.1 m2 with Ultracel® membrane 100 kD and 300 kD only available for this offer.

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