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phast Pack ™ – Ready-to-Use Buffers

Save time, effort, and shelf space with pHast Pack™ ready-to-use buffers. Our formulations are specially developed to simplify your work, and strictly tested to ensure exact concentrations and pH. These pre-packaged buffer solutions require no weighing, buffer calculations, or pH adjustments. Simply mix with water for fast, reproducible analysis – every time.

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  • Simply dissolve pouch contents in H2O
  • Ready to use in 2 minutes
  • No weighing, calculations or adjustments
  • Ideal for smaller volumes and lower concentrations


  • Stringent QC testing for unparalleled quality and reliability
  • Biological tests: Free of DNAse, RNAse, protease, and nickase
  • Chemical tests: Iron ≤10 ppm, lead ≤5 ppm
  • Physical tests: pH, solubility, pouch weights
  • Application tests: electrophoresis, cell culture suitability, etc.


  • Lower labor costs through faster prep
  • Minimize expenditure of multiple chemicals
  • Reduce cost of repeat analysis due to faulty buffer preparation

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