ReCycler™ Solvent Systems

The ReCycler™ service provides a safe and reliable way for our clients to keep the solvents they need readily available. We bring the products to you, then take away and reuse the containers when they are emptied. On the surface, it seems like such a simple process, but looking deeper, our bulk solvent delivery service has benefits that help your business in more ways than you might think.

Safety First

Virtually unbreakable, avoid spillages, reduces fire risk, and allows pressurization.

Greener Alternative

Reusable, eliminates waste of empty bottle & reduces additional packaging.


Closed system from production to point of use, no contamination from air or moisture.

How it Works

Estimate Solvent Usage & Receive First Shipment

Estimate your solvent usage

    Notify your Account Representative

    Notify your Account Representative

      Receive a Full Tank from your ReCycler™ Fleet

      Receive a full tank from your ReCyclerTM fleet.

        1. Gather data on how much solvent your business uses and we will customize a delivery schedule for you that keeps your product always on hand.

        2. A phone call or email is all it takes. If you have questions or changes to your order, let us know.

        3. Our process makes sure you are never left waiting on product. Send us your empties while you take care of business.

        Returnable Container Options

        Group I: Containers that can be pressurized up to 15 PSI, suitable for most applications

        Group I-A: Available in 18 L to 18.9 L, 50 L, 56 L and 200 L. Optional Swagelok QTM series Quick Connects for Gas & Solvent

        Group 1-B: PurePac® II Low pressure drums up to 12 PSI using Micromatic Macrovalve Coupler to dispense material. Available in 20 L, 50 L, and 200 L.

        PurePac II: The Pure-Pac® II Returnable Container is designed to be used with lower pressure applications (< 1 bar). This container requires the use of a Micromatic MacroValve Coupler to dispense material. Click on the Accessories section below for more information on the Coupler and other accessories.

        For container specification please email

        • Suitable for most applications, specifically those requiring higher pressure or solvent to be transported over longer distances
        • ASME Certified
        • Working pressure from 0 – 30 psig
        • Flow Control Valves for Gas & Solvent
        • Pressure Gauge
        • Optional Swagelok QTM series Quick Connects for Gas & Solvent
        • Optional Integrated Fork Channels for Optimal Material Handling

        For container specification please email

        NOWPak® II: The NOWPak® II containers feature a precleaned, collapsible liner inside a returnable stainless steel container. The collapsible liner is constructed of a fluoropolymer in a cleanroom environment and are ideal for use with high purity solvents, HPLC mobile phase solutions and DNA reagents. The NOWPak® II can be equipped with a pumping or pressure dispensing head.

        KiloLab Cylinders: The Kilo-Lab® cylinder packaging system and transfer procedure provides a safe and convenient method for storing and dispensing development and pilot-plant scale quantities of high-hazard and air-sensitive liquids. It provides for minimal exposure of product to personnel and no exposure of product to air.

        For container specification please email

        We offer a broad range of fittings to increase the flexibility and ease of use for our returnable containers.

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