The Sf-RVN® Platform

For Improving the Safety Profile of Your Baculovirus-Insect Cell Based Vaccines and Gene Therapies


Our Sf-RVN® Insect Cell Line offers a rhabdovirus-free alternative and enhances risk mitigation. Together with our chemically defined medium, EX-CELL® CD Insect Cell Medium, forms the Sf-RVN® Platform, providing a high performance platform optimal to produce recombinant proteins, viral vaccines such as viral like particles (VLP) and adeno-associated vectors (AAV) for gene therapy applications.

The baculovirus-insect cell system is widely used for production of virus-like particles (VLP), recombinant proteins and adeno-associated viruses (AAV) due to its flexibility, speed, simplicity and productivity. The majority of Spodoptera frugiperda cells (such as Sf9) contain a Rhabdovirus that is considered a process contaminant and must be eliminated (Hailun Ma et al. 2014). With the Sf-RVN® Platform, we provide an Sf-Rhabdovirus-free cell line that improves the safety profile of your bioprocesses paired with the EX-CELL® CD Insect Cell Medium, a chemically defined medium, specifically formulated to get excellent growth and productivity while adhering to evolving regulatory requirements. Combined, these two products form the Sf-RVN® Platform and offer an Sf-Rhabdovirus-free alternative for the BICS production of VLP vaccines, recombinant proteins and AAV based gene therapies.

Sf-RVN®  Insect Cell Line

  • Sf9 rhabdovirus-negatice cell line
  • Adventitious agent tested and GMP banked in EX-CELL® CD Insect Cell Medium
  • Full Traceability and documentation available for regulatory filings

EX-CELL® CD Insect Cell Medium

  • Chemically defined and animal component free
  • High reproducibility and lot-to-lot reliability 
  • Supports growth of multiple insect cell lines 
  •  Optimized for the Sf-RVN® Insect Cell Line 
  • Available in liquid and dry powdered medium 
Sf-RVN<sup>®</sup> Platform


  • Improved Safety 
    Enhance rick mitigation with the rhabdovirus negative cell line
  • High Performance 
    Optimized to get low doubling time, high cell viability and excellent productivity 
  • Multiple Applications
    Optimal to product recombinant proteins, viral like particles (VLP) and adeno-associated viruses (AAV)
  • Technical Support 
    Technical user guide with detailed protocols for optimal performances 
  • Best Quality & Documentation
    Regulatory support and documentation 

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