Smart Up Your Lab

With EMSURE® Inorganics and Solvents for Classical Analytical Applications

All you need for a smart lab

  • Our premium grade EMSURE® inorganic compounds and solvents are available with the highest purity, most stringent quality controls, and regulatory documentation.
  • Our innovative packaging and withdrawal systems are precisely tailored to the contents for safe and convenient handling of chemicals.
  • Our convenient smart labels provide quick recording of and access to product and safety data.

There are three ways to smart up your lab

Smart Products
Unparalleled quality and regulatory compliance

Smart Handling
Ultimate safety and convenience

Smart Labels
Quick access to digitalized, up-to-date product data


EMSURE® products comprise premium classical inorganics and solvents, optimized for regulated analyses and highly demanding lab applications. They offer the highest quality and unmatched specifications to give you complete control of test conditions and eliminate uncertainties.

Emsure<sup>®</sup> Smart Products

Emsure® Smart Products

EMSURE® Products
Premium grade inorganics and solvents

EMSURE® Quality Documentation
Highly demanding applications often require enhanced support regarding supplier quality

Pharmacopoeia Compliance
Quality and reliability around the world

For us, the packaging is a fundamental aspect of safety, sustainability and reliability. That’s why EMSURE® bottles and vessels are designed to maximize safety, convenience and product protection. For chemical containers larger than 10 liters, our special withdrawal systems ensure safe, contamination-free dispensing.

Emsure<sup>®</sup> Smart Handling

Emsure® Smart Handling

Withdrawal Systems for Solvents
Essential safety features allow you to manage chemical flow and minimize risk

Withdrawal Systems for Acids and Bases
Our unique manual withdrawal systems for dispensing from large containers to smaller vessels

Acids in Safebreak Bottles
Our PE-coated glass bottles protect you from splinters and chemical burns in case of accidents

With our new smart labels, you’re just one touch away from digitalized, up-to-date product data and safety documentation. Just scan the 2D barcode with a hand-held scanner and the information is directly processed in your LIMS or ERP system.

Emsure<sup>®</sup> Smart Labels

Emsure® Smart Labels

Quick and Easy Data Access
Choose from 3 smart ways to access product and safety data