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Sustainable chemistry is essential – not only for our company but also for our customers. We offer many solutions to practice sustainable science throughout the value chain, ranging from greener laboratory chemicals and greener synthesis methods to packaging and waste reduction, which minimize environmental impact, improve lab safety and reduce costs.

What is our contribution to green chemistry? Request our interactive Sustainability Handbook for an overview of our goals, product and packaging development process, and greener alternatives & solutions.

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Our greener alternative products can be easily recognized with this icon. This means they fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Re-engineered products: Our scientists significantly improve the environmental footprint by using fewer resources, making them less hazardous and/or generating less waste
  • 12 Principles of Green Chemistry: Aligned with these guidelines to minimize the environmental impact of chemical processes, by reducing waste, using renewable materials, and designing safer chemicals and processes
  • Enabling products for alternative energy: Facilitate the research of greener energy materials, generation, storage, and efficiency
  • Designed for Sustainability (DfS): Targets sustainability improvements throughout product development process, such as reducing the amount of plastic or packaging.

Stock your green chemistry toolbox with our exceptional portfolio of bio-based solvents and greener chemicals with USDA BioPreferred® certification.

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Greener Solvents

Our portfolio of greener solvent alternatives includes plant-based solvents, such as bio-ethanol, produced from grain or sugar cane, ethyl lactate, made by sugar fermentation, bio-based glycerol, produced from rapeseed, and Methyl THF, made from corncobs and sugarcane bagasse. Our innovative Cyrene™ solvent and Cyrene™ Blends are made from renewable resources and are additionally safer alternatives to NMP, DMF, and other harmful solvents.

Explore our wide range of biorenewable solvents and sustainable packaging solutions:

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Greener Alternative Products for Electronics and Energy Applications

From greener battery materials to greener manufacturing materials, our products support researchers and manufacturers in developing better technologies for more sustainable energy generation and storage:

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Greener Chemistry for Organic Synthesis

Less hazardous chemical synthesis can be achieved with green chemistry reaction methods, such as electrochemistry and micellar catalysis, to increase reaction efficiency with less harmful waste. Our Earth-abundant iron-based catalysts and biodegradable reagents enable greener synthesis of chemical compounds and materials. In addition, retrosynthetic planning with SYNTHIA™ ensures atom economy and reduces chemical waste, time and costs.

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Greener Surfactants

Our biosurfactants ECO Tween™ and ECO Brij™ have all of the performance benefits of tradtional petroleum-based products, but are made using bio-based ethylene oxide (EO) from biomass ethanol, making them completely renewable. TERGITOL™ 15-S and ECOSURF™ detergents are biodegradable surfactants that combine uncompromising performance with sustainability.

DOZN™ on pink background

Use the DOZN™ Tool to determine how to evaluate the relative greenness of synthetic routes and chemical processes to better integrate sustainable practices in the lab.

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