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Professor Bruce Lipshutz

Professor Bruce Lipshutz

Prof. Bruce Lipshutz and co-workers have developed designer surfactants to allow several classes of transformations (e.g., Suzuki-Miyaura, Olefin Metathesis, 1,4-Addition to Enones) to be performed in water. Three generations – PTS, TPGS-750-M (neat and aqueous solution), and Nok – are available in our catalog and encapsulate the reactive species within a micelle, allowing for efficient reactivity at room temperature.

Prof. Lipshutz is also known for work with organocopper reagents. Some have been commercialized, including the "cuprate in a bottle" (324175) and "CuH in a bottle" (762458). His group has contributed several reagents that are used routinely in the community, such as the SEM protecting group precursor SEM-Cl (238902) and Mitsunobu coupling reagent DCAD (680850) as a recoverable alternative to DEAD.

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Recent papers from the Lipshutz Group

Lipshutz BH, Gallou F, Handa S. 2016. Evolution of Solvents in Organic Chemistry. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.. 4(11):5838-5849.
Klumphu P, Lipshutz BH. 2014. ?Nok?: A Phytosterol-Based Amphiphile Enabling Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Couplings in Water at Room Temperature. J. Org. Chem.. 79(3):888-900.
Moser R, Ghorai S, Lipshutz BH. 2012. Modified Routes to the ?Designer? Surfactant PQS. J. Org. Chem.. 77(7):3143-3148.
Lu G, Voigtritter KR, Cai C, Lipshutz BH. 2012. Ligand effects on the stereochemistry of Stille couplings, as manifested in reactions of Z-alkenyl halides. Chem. Commun.. 48(69):8661.
Lu G, Voigtritter KR, Cai C, Lipshutz BH. 2012. Ligand Effects on the Stereochemical Outcome of Suzuki?Miyaura Couplings. J. Org. Chem.. 77(8):3700-3703.
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