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Analytical Quality Assurance for accurate water analysis with photometry



The analytical quality assurance is one of the most important steps to assure the quality of the measured results. Photometric methods are used in many laboratories for the examination of water and wastewater samples. In this Web Talk we will give an overview about the different steps to assure the quality of the results and show with examples what needs to be done and how we offer support for the customers which does photometric analysis.

What's covered?

This presentation will show the routinely steps which a lab should perform to be able to relay on their results they measure. We look into different parts of the quality assurance from international standards. Examples will be given.

What will you learn?

  • What are the different quality assurance steps the lab must address
  • How quality assurance must be done to get accurate results
  • See examples on how to check the instruments and the chemistry

Who should attend?

  • Every lab which does photometric analysis and wants to assure the quality of the results
  • Laboratory Managers, Directors and Supervisors, QA and QC managers, lab workers which works in a lab.
  • All labs which work with a “classical” spectrophotometer or a “system photometer” from a supplier.


1,5h (including 15 – 20 min for Q&A)


Gunter Decker

Gunter Decker


Senior Manager, Subject Matter Expert Point-of-Use Analytics

Member of the Scientific customer support team at MilliporeSigma Life Science, specialist for Photometry, more than 35 years of experience in the field of environmental analysis, including 20 years in product management for photometry. Currently responsible for trainings, lectures, publications.

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