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Easy and quick drinking water analysis with photometric method


Drinking water analysis is a very important step to get an understanding of the quality of water we consume, in both tab water and bottled water. Key parameters to check are Iron, Manganese, Chlorine, Ozone and others. Those need to be frequently monitored. The photometry technique is an easy-to-use analysis of those parameters. It reduces the time needed for the analysis and produce less toxic waste compared to standard methods. Get in this webinar an overview on how to use a photometric instrument with state-of-the-art chemistry and see how easy it is to perform the testing.

What's covered? This presentation will show an overview how instruments can work together with the chemistry used for environmental testing. Examples will be given.

What will you learn?

  • What are the differences between a normative and a rapid method
  • How can instruments work together with the test kits chemistry
  • How toxic waste can be reduced
  • How easy test kits in combination with instruments can support your daily work

Who should attend?

  • Every user which want to analyze drinking water, tab or bottled water.
  • Laboratory Managers, Directors and Supervisors of labs, managers, lab workers which works in a lab.
  • All labs which work with photometric analysis




Gunter Decker

Gunter Decker


Senior Manager, Subject Matter Expert Point-of-Use Analytics

Member of the Scientific customer support team at MilliporeSigma Life Science, specialist for Photometry, more than 35 years of experience in the field of environmental analysis, including 20 years in product management for photometry. Currently responsible for trainings, lectures, publications.

Webinar Information

Environmental and cannabis testing

  • Photometry and reflectometry
  • Duration:31min

  • Language:English

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