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Impact of Membrane Filtration Funnel Choice on Your Workflow


Sterile membrane filtration is the preferred microbiological method in most industries for filterable samples. The ability to work with a range of sample sizes and rinse away inhibitory or preservative agents allows for accurate and definitive results. Sterile membrane filtration results are judged by recovery and retention. Retention is the ability of the membrane to capture the microorganism, and recovery is the ability to grow and be seen by the naked eye. Simple growth of an unwanted microbe may delay or prevent product release, so ensuring cross-contamination is kept to a minimum is extremely important. Should you use reusable or single-used funnels? We will discuss the various factors that need to be considered when determining the type of funnel for your purposes.


Samuel Soriano Santiago

Samuel Soriano Santiago


Global Product Manager

Sam is a graduate of Chemical Engineering and has more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and adjacent segments. He started with us in 2006 in the Philippines.

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