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Sample Preparation for Fatty and Complex Food Matrices


Food samples that are fatty/oily, dried, or highly complex matrices often pose challenges in the analytical process. Therefore, an efficient sample preparation providing a reliable removal or suppression of matrix components is the basis for accurate and reproducible results. In addition, the maintenance demand of the chromatographic systems should be reduced to a minimum.

In this presentation, sample preparation tools based on zirconia-silica adsorbents for the QuEChERS methodology as well as in form of solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges are introduced. Their applicability and improved fat and pigment removal is demonstrated for pesticide analysis in samples like avocado and spices, as well as for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in edible oils. A special QuEChERS mix for green samples (e.g. for spinach) containing zirconia-coated material in combination with a specialized carbon adsorbent ensures sufficient chlorophyll removal while maintaining recovery for planar pesticides.

Furthermore, solid phase microextration (SPME), an easy-to-automate sample preparation technique, using overcoated (OC) adsorbent fibers is discussed with application examples. These allow efficient adsorptive extraction of semi-volatile compounds from complex matrices like food samples by direct immersion.

Watch this presentation to learn about:

  • the use and mechanisms behind zirconia-coated silica adsorbents
  • choosing a suitable material/tool for sample cleanup
  • how direct immersion SPME can be used for adsorptive extraction of less volatile compounds from complex food samples, expanding the applicability of SPME


Klaus Buckendahl

Klaus Buckendahl


Analytical Sciences Liaison

Klaus Buckendahl received a degree in engineering from the FH Münster University of Applied Science in Germany, majoring in instrumental analysis. He started his career in the technical service at Sigma-Aldrich providing support for the Supelco® line of analytical products. Over the last 20+ years, he held various positions within the company including Product Specialist and Technical Marketing Manager for Sample Preparation in Europe, among others. Currently he works as an Analytical Science Liaison at MilliporeSigma in the analytical chemistry business unit.

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