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Ultrapure Alginates: Properties and Applications in the Biomedical Field


Alginate is a natural polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed. Its non-animal sourcing, biocompatibility, and availability in ultrapure form make it ideal for biomedical applications. Alginate can be crosslinked with divalent ions to produce hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties. It is composed of 1,4 linked β-D-mannuronate (M) and α-L-guluronate (G) – monomers that control its gelling behavior

This presentation will first provide an overview of ultrapure alginates produced by IFF NovaMatrix®. It will highlight the unique molecular properties of alginates including options to functionalize and create various gel morphologies. We will discuss specific studies showcasing the potential uses of alginates and their hydrogels in key biomedical applications, specifically cell-based immunotherapy and 3D bioprinting.

Key takeaways:

  • Alginates' fundamental properties and tunable gelation behavior.
  • Potential modifications to alginates and how functionalization expands their areas of use.
  • Recent literature data showing use of alginates in cell-based immunotherapy and 3D bioprinting.


Dr. Marizela Delic-Schlumbohm

Dr. Marizela Delic-Schlumbohm

IFF Pharma Solutions

Associate R&D Manager

Dr. Marizela Delic-Schlumbohm is Associate R&D Manager for IFF's Pharma Biotechnology platform (heritage DuPont Pharma Solutions). She is part of the Polymer Synthesis & Modification team located in Bomlitz (Germany), where she leads two laboratories. Marizela additional responsibility is the global technical support for the NovaMatrix® platform. Her role is to closely connect biotech customers’ technology needs with IFF’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, as well as promoting and incubating additional opportunities in this space. Marizela holds a Master of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Technology in Vienna (TU Wien), and a PhD in Biotechnology (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, BOKU Wien).

Susan Jordan, PhD

Susan Jordan, PhD

IFF Pharma Solutions

Technical Fellow

Susan Jordan is a Technical Fellow at IFF leading biopharma research programs in excipients and bioprocess aids for the Pharma Solutions business. She earned a BS in Chemistry from The University of Delaware, and a PhD in Biochemistry Drexel University (Hahnemann). She began her industrial career at MilliporeSigma Research Labs. Susan has since worked in the fields of core R&D, pharmaceuticals, personal care and microbial control. She is an inventor on 14 granted US patents.

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