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The Secret to ELISA-based Diagnostic Test Success: Know Your Detection Method


What Does it Cover?

In this brief webinar we will cover immunoassay detection methods with a focus on ELISA-based diagnostic test applications. Detection chemistries to be discussed include gold nanoparticles, secondary antibody selection, and commonly used conjugants such as horseradish peroxidase.

Gold nanoparticles and their unique physiochemical properties have prompted a large influx of research into diagnostic developments in biomedical applications. Gold nanoparticles have shown increased sensitivity, stabilization, and easy colorimetric output, making them useful for diagnostic tools that are limited by small sample size. We will discuss this enhanced detection technology, applications, and selection criteria for using these nanoparticles in immuno-based assays, such as lateral flow and ELISAs, as point-of-care diagnostic devices.

In addition to the gold nanoparticles, other detection methodologies commonly used in ELISA systems include colorimetric, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence. These methods of detection, dependent on the enzymes typically coupled to a secondary antibody, can be paired with different substrates to achieve the desired sensitivity, kinetics, and dynamic range.

We will discuss key considerations for IVD manufacturers when selecting a detection method, including assay design, detection chemistry performance in the desired application, freedom of use, and supplier reliability.

This information will be of interest to individuals involved in developing, manufacturing, and using ELISA based immunoassays.

What Will You Learn?

  • Enhanced detection technology
  • Application and selection criteria for use of nanoparticles in immuno-based assays
  • Selection of secondary antibodies and detection chemistries of choice for robust immunoassays

Who Should Attend?

  • Diagnostic test manufacturers
  • IVD test developers
  • Diagnostic test end users


Megan Muroski

Megan Muroski


Global Product Manager for Energy and Nanomaterials for Materials Science

Megan Muroski joined MilliporeSigma in September 2019 as a Global Product Manager for Energy and Nanomaterials for Materials Science. Megan has 11 years of multi-disciplinary experience in government, pre-clinical, and academic laboratories specializing in the use of nanomaterials in diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Her current role as product manager develops and commercializes innovative technologies for energy and nanomaterials applications.

Lynn Stephenson, Ph.D.

Lynn Stephenson, Ph.D.


Commercial Marketing Manager, Dx Manufacturing & OEM

Lynn Stephenson joined MilliporeSigma, then Sigma-Aldrich, 10 years ago after completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Washington University in Immunology. She began her career first as a Senior Technical Service Scientist before moving to Product Management where she managed the Protein and Enzymes and then the Specialty Biochemical portfolios. From product management, she moved to a role in marketing supporting the Applied Markets, including In Vitro Diagnostics. As part of her role, she leverages her internal knowledge of our internal quality and regulatory systems to support our IVD customers and sales teams.

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