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Navigating the Promise and Perils of Chemical Probes through Community-Driven Expertise


Chemical probes are powerful reagents with increasing impacts on biomedical research. However, probes of poor quality or that are used incorrectly generate misleading results. To help address these shortcomings, we are building a community-driven online resource to improve quality and convey current best practice.

In this presentation, we will highlight some selected examples of promising, high-quality chemical probes and probes of lesser value. We will discuss the prevalence of using lesser quality probes and the costs. We will then detail our plans to develop the Chemical Probes Portal, a web-based resource annotated by the chemical biology community that allows users to reference the most appropriate chemical probe (or probes) for a given protein target. The Portal will be an online community of scientists, reviewers, editors.

What Will You Learn?

Topics will include:

  • Chemical probes
  • Requirements of high-quality chemical probes
  • Target validation
  • Proper selection and usage of chemical probes
  • Chemical Probes Portal


Bill Zuercher

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Principal Investigator

Heather King

MBD Inc.

Senior Scientist

Webinar Information

Chemistry and synthesis

  • Lead discovery

Research and disease areas

  • Pharmacology and drug discovery research
  • Duration:46 minutes

  • Language:English

  • Presented:Mon, November 16, 2015